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Harnessing the power of the newest and most innovative HubSpot updates can allow organisations to increase alignment between internal teams, increase process capabilities with new integrations, better e-commerce operations and make for an overall more productive personal experience.

We will bring you the latest live updates on HubSpot, so you can realise the power of them as soon as they are added to the HubSpot system; say good bye to the wild goose chase on social media in search of updates.

Whether you're a business leader looking to maximise your companies capabilities on HubSpot, or a developer looking for new front-end tools, this page has you covered. 

Karman's Top Update of the Week

Linkedin Ad conversion events (for everyone): As we already know, sending your first party data back to your ad networks is critical for ensuring your ad spend is properly optimised, in August, users will be able to enjoy this luxury on Linkedin. Users will be able to sync lifecycle stage changes, (as are you are able to today for Google and Facebook) for the social media site, and link them to the Linkedin campaign manager, increasing the alignment of your CRM with more important ad tools!

Reporting and Forecasting

Ad Performance metrics in custom reporting: 10th May 2022 (For everyone): If you have a connected Facebook, Google or LinkedIn ad account, you will now be able to see ad performance metrics in custom reporting. The power of custom reports coupled with your ad performance metrics data means you can now create reports that show year over year spend. You can also drill into specific campaigns and add them to a dashboard, or drill down to the ad level and compare spend across ads in a single report! The possibilities are endless.

Dashboards in global search: 3rd May 2022 (For everyone): Users can now enjoy a Search function for dashboards in HubSpot, making it easier than ever to pull up the information you're looking for in seconds. You’ll now see dashboards that meet your criteria in the global search box, in the top navigation bar.

Forecast submissions enhancements: 26th April 2022 (For everyone): This new update brings with it two new enhancements, enabling you to better manage forecasts: 

  1. Forecast submission history: allowing users to view past forecast submissions in the History tab of the submission panel. Use this information to audit previous submissions, measure forecast accuracy, and/or view submissions over time.
  2. Forecast submission status indicator: This allows you to indicate which forecast submissions have not been updated after a set amount of time. When the forecast submission status indicator is enabled, an indicator will display on the Forecast submission cell for the users that have not updated their forecast in the set amount of days.

Increased visualisation limits and subtotals: 25th April 2022 (For everyone)Enjoy four rows and columns for each of your reports in this new Pivot tables update! If that wasn’t enough, users can now enjoy a new “subtotals option” within chart settings, allowing you a more detailed view of your data. 

Allowing you up to four properties in both the rows and columns section when building your report, pivot tables are now more powerful than ever. Organise and break down twice the amount of information as before with this new update! 


HubSpot and Zoom, associate meetings and notes to companies, deals and tickets: 21st July 2022 (For everyone): In this update, the HubSpot App for Zoom meetings now has an “Associations” tab, which gives the meeting host the ability to associate a meeting with existing HubSpot companies, deals, and tickets during a Zoom meeting. Now, meeting hosts can associate the call, and any notes from it, to existing HubSpot deals, companies, or tickets. This update makes it easy for meeting hosts to update HubSpot records with notes from meetings–while they are in the Zoom meetings.

Google Analytics integration - Now compatible with GA4: 24th June 2022 (For everyone): The Google Analytics integration will now accept Google Analytics 4 (GA4) IDs. With scope to stop supporting google analytics 3 (GA3) in the near future, HubSpot are strongly urging users to soon adopt GA4. Further, On July 1, 2023, standard Universal Analytics properties will no longer process data, so it’s imperative users get used to the new function. 

Get started here! 

Manually trigger a data sync: 2nd May 2022 (For everyone): Data Sync powered integrations just got better with the inclusion of a "Sync now" button. Enjoy more control over sync fetches with this new update in the third party app. 

Simply click 'Sync now' to trigger the sync instead of waiting 5 minutes to quickly validate if the sync picked up that change in your other app. Note that there is a small grace period after clicking the button to prevent users from repetitively clicking the button.


Workflows and Sequences

Create a new task in Todoist with workflows: 2nd August 2022 (For everyone): With HubSpot’s new Todoist Workflow Integration, you can now create a task in your Todoist account straight from HubSpot. Your teams are probably using multiple tools to improve efficiency, so it's important your tech stack is sufficiently aligned. HubSpot workflow integrations are integral for this alignment. 

Find out more here.

Workflows enrolment change notification: 18th July 2022 (For everyone): The ability to subscribe to workflow email notifications and to receive a weekly overview of enrolment has changed!

With this update, users are now able to subscribe to email notifications for any workflows they would like to monitor. This will allow them to proactively report on their workflow performance and easily identify potentially problematic changes. From the email notification, users can go directly into any workflow to take action.

Workflows enrolment history panel: 16th May 2022 (For everyone): In this new update, users can view workflow enrolments and the structure of your workflow side-by-side with new enrolment history. When building and making changes to workflows, having the ability to test and troubleshoot quickly and easily is essential for HubSpot success. The new enrolment history panel provides an efficient and simple way for you to keep an eye on new objects that are enrolled in your workflows. Being able to see enrolment activity next to the structure of the workflow allows for easier management across both.

Quotes and Payments

Default payment methods: 2nd August 2022 (For everyone): With another upgrade to HubSpot payments, customers can now select their preferences for which payment method they accept by default. HubSpot Payments supports card and ACH payment methods and at least one must be selected. These preferences are also used when a customer updates their payment information for subscriptions. 

Search Custom Object activities: 20th July 2022 (For everyone): Timeline Search is now supported for Custom Objects. This means you can now search across the activities of your Custom Object records, such as Notes and Tasks. This is another step towards consistency by helping customers use Custom Objects just like any object. Before, there was a message blocking this function. Now, the search bar is enabled and users can search across all activities. 

New app marketplace collection for quoting apps: 19th July 2022 (For everyone): HubSpot’s App Marketplace now has a Quoting Apps collection. Apps include; Better Proposals,  ClientPoint, Deal Hub and many more. 

Seamless and efficient quoting is an important part of your sales process, so it’s essential for your quoting software to connect seamlessly to your CRM. Previously, if you were looking to integrate your company’s existing quoting software with HubSpot, it was difficult to find which third-party quoting apps were available in HubSpot’s App Marketplace. Now, you can use the Quoting Apps collection to browse third-party quoting tools that integrate with HubSpot.

Payment forms: 11th July 2022 (For everyone): Customers can now transact with those using Marketing Hub, directly by using forms. Both form submission and payment details are captured, and users can utilise form submissions and payment status to trigger workflows.


Marketing, Sales and

The Dashboard

Restore deleted dashboards: 18th July 2022 (For everyone): It's now possible to fully restore deleted dashboards. Any dashboard that was once deleted accidentally can now be recovered, restored, and used again! Unhelpfully, in the past users were required to go through the painful process of fully recreating dashboards they had deleted from memory. As such, this new feature prevents a lot of frustration by allowing any deleted dashboards to be fully retrieved and restored (provided the dashboard is recovered within 14 days).

A new process to create reports and dashboards: 14th June 2022 (For everyone): Users will now be greeted by a new space that combines the options to build from scratch or choose from templates, when creating a new report or new dashboard. 

In this update, users will have access to revamped filters, for easy template sorting when browsing HubSpot. To harness the power of these new templates, simply navigate to  "create dashboard" this will lead you to the new experience, showing the build from scratch option as well as the pre-built template options. 


Website and Landing Pages

Free CMS tools: 15 June 2022 (For everyone): It’s here… the new free CMS  tools.  

HubSpot is introducing a suite of free CMS tools, built for small business founders and operators who need to manage their new site, quickly and efficiently, in the quest to grow their business. 

The free CMS tools include: Access to the Asset Marketplace, filled with free and paid themes; Ability to publish up to 25 website pages in multiple languages; Blogging tools (1 blog / up to 100 blog posts)

Ability to connect a custom domain for website pages, blog posts, and landing pages; and much more.

Use this link to get started! 

Copy as HubL functionality for sections on Pages (For everyone): CMS Developers  are now able to scaffold out sections in the page editor. Following on from this, they can then copy the HubL that is generated from the section and use it  as a head start in building their own custom sections, saving valuable time. Navigate to the Landing Page or Website Page editors, then add `?developerMode=true` to the end of the URL. Scaffold out your section, then click on the dropdown of the section toolbar and select “Copy as HubL”.

Envato theme connect (For everyone): This update offers a streamlined process for uploading the 250 themes integrated from Envato's marketplace, the largest creative marketplace globally.  Go to and find your desired themes. Once you purchase, you'll get a confirmation email  along with a purchase code. From here open up your HubSpot account, navigate to website pages or landing pages and click "upload from Envato". Here you can add your purchasing number from the confirmation email and you are ready to unlock the creative power on Envato. 


Full screen video for recording review: 27th July 2022: (For everyone): Reviewing an important call or meeting? Users can now expand the video to view it in a distraction-free, full-screen mode or collapse it to focus on other features like the transcript. 

Navigate to Contacts > Calls and select a recording that includes a video. On either the recording review screen or preview sidebar, hover over the video and click the grey arrows to the right of the video to enter full-screen mode or collapse the video as needed.

Simple eCommerce Recommendations for Product Module: 13th July 2022 (For everyone): Want to dynamically pull products into marketing emails via the product module? Well now you can. Users of Marketing pro and Enterprises can enjoy four new predefined filters, giving marketers a simple way to show the products that matter most to their prospects and customers.

Shopify integrated products and HubSpot native products are fully supported. Recommendations will work with any integration/eComm bridge provided they are syncing product data across in the right format to HubSpot (if an integration works with the existing product module, it will work for Recommendations also).