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Harnessing the power of the newest and most innovative HubSpot updates can allow organisations to increase alignment between internal teams, increase process capabilities with new integrations, better e-commerce operations and make for an overall more productive personal experience.

We will bring you the latest live updates on HubSpot, so you can realise the power of them as soon as they are added to the HubSpot system; say good bye to the wild goose chase on social media in search of updates.

Whether you're a business leader looking to maximise your companies capabilities on HubSpot, or a developer looking for new front-end tools, this page has you covered. 

Karman's Top Update of the Week

Improved Associations: 18th April 2022 (For everyone)

2022 is quickly becoming the year of HubSpot associations. With this update, every customer gets more flexibility with their company associations, from contacts and deals through to tickets. Professional and Enterprise customers get some additional control, with customised labels to describe the exact nature of those relationships. Enterprise accounts with custom objects can now define associations for them in the HubSpot interface—a big improvement over using an API.

Reporting and Forecasting


Sample reports in the Custom Reports Builder: 31st March 2022 (HubSpot Pro or Enterprise): Access new, pre-built sample reports created to answer your top questions in this fresh update to custom reports.

The new addition will help identify essential reports that need saving, as well as provide you a starting point when building reports of your own.

Custom Objects Properties available in Forms (HubSpot Pro or Enterprise): Filter reports within your reporting library to customise them for your business before saving the report or adding it to a dashboard. Find your template in the report library and add, edit, or remove the filters of the template to create a report that is customised , ensuring that it's valuable for your operations before saving it to your portal.

Smart Chart in Custom Report Builder to Help With Visualisation Selection (For everyone): Build custom reports faster with Smart chart. Smart chart guides you towards the best way to structure your reports based on selected fields. Ever struggled to determine which fields go on each axis or which visualisation type best represents your data? With smart chart, just select what fields you want to report on, and HubSpot will do the rest for you. 

Deal Stage Forecasting (For everyone): Before this January update,  users had to learn to configure and set forecast categories to view data in "forecasts". This update will automatically group deals by stage and use this information to project revenue.

This update brings with it a new "Deal Stage" tab. This will display a simplified forecast view based on Deal Stages. All deals in the selected forecast period will be displayed by deal stage, automatically.


Microsoft Exchange integration for email and calendar: 18th April 2022 (For everyone): Connect your Microsoft Exchange account to your HubSpot as a connected inbox. Embrace the power of this integration and log email replies to your CRM, or create meeting links to share with your contacts. 

New call integrations: 30th March 2022 (For everyone): Now available for all HubSpot users, calling integrations have been updated! Even free users are subject to this new update, which see’s the introduction of Aircall, Uberconferance, Callrail, Dialpad and JustCall. Place calls through HubSpot to any contact simply by downloading your choice of 70 call platforms on the marketplace, no matter what HubSpot package you own.

Zoom updates: 30th March 2022 (For everyone): Ever wanted to reference HubSpot contact records and notes at the same time without having to pull up a separate browser? This update is for you.

As well as letting you ad notes to your HubSpot contact records, this zoom update also lets the users pull up meeting participants’ existing HubSpot contact records during meetings and create new contacts records during the Zoom meeting.

New Data sync integrations (Operations Pro and Enterprise)11 more HubSpot-built data sync integrations have been added to the HubSpot app marketplace taking the overall number to 92. New integrations include weclapp, Nutshell, Prestashop, wallee, Mixpanel, Creatio, Pardot, Freshsales, and SuiteCRM.

Connect your HubSpot account with external CRMs, e-commerce platforms and marketing platforms to streamline your processes. 

Install all integrations via the HubSpot App Marketplace. 


Workflows and Sequences

Embedded Workflows within Sequences Automation (professional and enterprise accounts)HubSpot now allows users to change sequences through new embedded workflows, allowing users to select ways to automate sequence enrolment by building custom workflows within the sequence. 

This update will facilitate dynamic sequence enrolment, based upon marketing criteria such as "form submission", "call outcome", "meeting outcome" and more.

Scheduled Workflow Triggers (Operations Pro and Enterprise): Trigger HubSpot workflows on custom, pre-defined intervals to support your recurring processes. 

HubSpot's automation engine, workflows help users automate manual tasks, such as sending emails and managing data. 

Triggering workflows, like data cleansing, team tasks customer health checks have until now required manual effort to implement.

This update allows users to automate recurring workflow processes. Simply choose the type of object you want to automate, then choose to build a workflow that runs on a schedule, and configure your schedule when creating a new workflow. 

Improved Workflows Performance Reporting (For everyone): You can now report on workflow activity across objects, helping to better inform your automation strategy and identify new performance trends.  If that wasn't enough, HubSpot have now consolidated enrolment history and action log tabs onto the new workflows details page, allowing for a centralised view of all workflow activity.

Quotes and Payments

Additional Contact fields on Payment Links: 15th April (For everyone): Want the same flexibility on payment links as you get in forms and meetings? You can now add new contact fields to payment links, so you can collect better information from buyers. Additional contact fields can now be added to the payment link and filled out when a buyer purchases. Both default and custom contact properties are supported for field types such as text fields, drop-downs, radio select, and dates.

Recurring ACH: 15th April 2022: (For everyone): This update allows all HubSpot users to collect recurring payments from their buyers ACG payment via HubSpot payments! Collecting repeat payments facilitates the same flexibility as credit card payments but at a much lower cost. Users can now confidently offer both credit card & ACH payment methods for their buyers. Simply select ACH payment when creating a payment link or quote with recurring line items. From here HubSpot payments will automatically charge your customer at the specified billing frequency on the payment link and update the subscription record as required! 

Payment Links + Deals & Checkout 2.0 (For Everyone): Duplicate records bogging customers down? In this payment update, customers can now decide if they want a payment link to a create a new deal or  to replicate an old one, keeping everyone happy! 

Update payment method for a failed payment (For everyone): This update allows customers to update their payment, upon a failed payment method! Customers will now automatically receive an email when a recurring payment is declined.  Simply click a link from the email to update their payment method for the subscription. 

HubSpot Payments (US Only):  Unlock a better buying experience for customers with HubSpot Payments. This new powerful tool enables users to accept payments natively inside HubSpot, integrating commerce with your CRM. Users harnessing the power of this update will be able to accept payments through your website, quotes, emails and chat, all on the CRM. 

Marketing, Sales and

The Dashboard

Send and schedule individual report emails (For Everyone): Previously customers could schedule an entire dashboard to send a report at a critical time, an important action when keeping stakeholders up to date at the right time. Despite this, customers were unable isolate an individual report for a scheduled email.

With this update, customers are able to choose a particular report and schedule a one-time recurring email. 

Simply navigate to a report on the reports list page and click on the Actions button. From here select the option to "Email this report" and fill out desired recipients. 

Increased card limit on the dashboard from 20 to 30 (Pro & Enterprise): HubSpot have updated their dashboard to host up to 30 cards, an increase of 10. 

Cards enable users to embed external content, helping you to bring more sources of data together in one place and get a better picture of team-wide performance. 

Hit the "Add report" button, users will then be given the option to add content, add images, video, and text options up until you they hit  the limit of 30 cards. 

Quote Based Workflows now available in Sales Hub Pro (Sales pro):  By adding quote-based workflows to Sales Hub pro, users will be able to set up an end-to-end Quote to Cash process using HubSpot and Quickbooks for the first time. If that wasn't enough, when creating a workflow from scratch, Sales Hub Pro users will now be able to select the quote-based option. Then, a user can set up a workflow that uses quote properties like signature status, currency, or quote amount. 


Website and Landing Pages

Copy as HubL functionality for Sections on Pages (For everyone): CMS Developers  are now able to scaffold out sections in the page editor. Following on from this, they can then copy the HubL that is generated from the section and use it  as a head start in building their own custom sections, saving valuable time. Navigate to the Landing Page or Website Page editors, then add `?developerMode=true` to the end of the URL. Scaffold out your section, then click on the dropdown of the section toolbar and select “Copy as HubL”.

Envato Theme Connect (For everyone): This update offers a streamlined process for uploading the 250 themes integrated from Envato's marketplace, the largest creative marketplace globally.  Go to and find your desired themes. Once you purchase, you'll get a confirmation email  along with a purchase code. From here open up your HubSpot account, navigate to website pages or landing pages and click "upload from Envato". Here you can add your purchasing number from the confirmation email and you are ready to unlock the creative power on Envato. 


Phone Number Property Improvements: 19th April 2022 (For everyone): Calling is an essential channel for your sales and service professionals. Are your Reps frustrated with having to parse through dozens of phone number formats, country codes, and other inconsistencies when trying to make a call? This update is for them! HubSpot now takes care of validating and formatting phone numbers. To format numbers automatically, simply select a country code and input your number using digits only… simple! 

Blog navigation: 30th March 2022 (For everyone):

In this update, HubSpot make every content writers life easier with an amend to blog navigation. To make it easier to find the blog listing page editor, HubSpot have included a listing page section in the sidebar. Once clicked, you can see a list of your listing pages and can edit from this poinCRM

Account & Billing: Share invites with a link  (For everyone): When inviting team members to join any HubSpot account, you will now be able to simply copy and share a link with them via any channel of preferred communication. 

Tasks: Quick Filters On The Task App & Time Zone Column: In this update (For everyone): Hubspot have added quick filters on the task app for due dates , queue and task types in this update. Users will also be able to filter tasks by the contact time zone property and add it as a column on the task app. In order to filter by time zone, simply click the more filters button and navigate to contact time zone to define your filtering criteria. 

Conversations inbox update (For everyone):  This update introduces the ability to easily switch between chat, Facebook Messenger, and email within the same shared inbox conversation thread.