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Unleash your professional services firm with the HubSpot CRM

HubSpot makes it easy to deepen client relationships, align marketing and business development, track and forecast revenue accurately and much more. Harness its power with Karman Digital today.


HubSpot and Karman

Generate valuable client

Track business

Reach new clients more effectively

Improve client retention

Increase sales and process

Deliver excellent customer support

Why HubSpot for your professional service firm?

A high functioning CRM system has become vital. 

With firms facing increasingly sophisticated competition, remote work norms, and regulatory demands HubSpot offers a solution to these issues, ensuring comp
liance and a deeper personalised service whilst  supporting strong client relationships, aligning cross department teams and streamlining operations.

The result? Compliance assured business growth.

Hubspot helps you meet the top challenges in your industry:


An all-in-one platform with a unified codebase, creating a single source of digital truth for professional service firms.


Differentiate your business with cohesive, personalised sales and marketing efforts.

Client expectations

HubSpot’s advanced tools and support help you meet increasing client expectations.

Transforming operations

Save time, reach new clients and build better relationships with HubSpot.

The HubSpot tools revolutionising the professional service industry

From lead qualification to establishing and nurturing strong client relationships, the nature of professional services requires you to be exceptional at many tasks. By connecting disparate systems, creating a single source of truth and streamlining processes for growth, HubSpot allows your business to thrive.

We use HubSpot to create business impact for enterprise level professional service firms, including:

Far East Consortium
Solomon Investment Partners
Morrish Solicitors

1000+ integrations unlocking business potential

HubSpot is a great CRM out of the box, but by connecting it to your processes and existing tools, there’s nothing more powerful.

From seamless connections to communication apps like Zoom or Slack, through to compliance and back end enhancement, get the best out of your business with HubSpot's marketplace integrations.

Enhance your attribution

Connect all your data sources, tools and platforms for seamless workflows and reporting.

Concentrate on what matters most

Automate repetitive tasks and save time with 1000s of integrations.

Get the best out of your professionals

Improve efficiency and productivity by decreasing use of disparate, unconnected tools.

Reach new heights, compliantly

Unlock the full potential of your professional service business by enhancing your backend and boosting efficiency whilst ensuring compliance.

Ensuring compliance with the HubSpot CRM

In a world where security and compliance is an absolute necessity, HubSpot ensures protection.

At the heart of HubSpot's security approach is the protection of customer data and the preservation of customer trust. HubSpot's comprehensive data security and privacy measures ensure your data's protection. Each product provides tools to confidently ensure compliance and robust security systems to protect your data.

HubSpot solutions partner program

Karman and HubSpot, the real difference...

With this intuitive suite of tools, your business can better align your revenue generating teams, boost lead conversions, deliver a more efficient experience for customers and generally scale your business to unseen heights.

To fully harness these advantages, you’ll need a helping hand…

Karman is an award winning HubSpot agency. As a top 20 diamond partner in the EMEA, we create real impact for professional service clients with a tried and tested approach.