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October's social media updates with Alex Bradshaw

The social media landscape has been rocked this week. 

Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter has left everybody curious… What will the platform look like under the stewardship of the controversial Tesla and SpaceX CEO? 

But away from this news, what social media updates have slipped under the radar this month that can still add value to your business? 

Our in house Social Media Specialist, Alex Bradshaw, answers that exact question, bringing you the latest and greatest in social media updates. 

Fancy graduating from the TikTok Academy?

If you struggle with implementing strategy on TikTok, this update is for you! 

TikTok wants users to become strategy experts using their newly-established education platform.

TikTok Academy is designed to help users level up their marketing on the platform. It’s a free virtual learning environment made up of two key courses - the 101 course and the small business course. TikTok has also confirmed that a third course about commerce will be launching soon.

If you’re new to TikTok and you’re not sure where to begin, the TikTok Academy is a great place to start. 

You can even share your certification badges on social media, which are awarded on an individual basis.

Looking to highlight your brand values on LinkedIn?

Look no further! LinkedIn is rolling out a new update which lets users highlight their brand values via Commitments. 

Commitments is an area on LinkedIn Pages. It allows brands to highlight specific commitments they’ve signed-up to in five key areas.  These include: diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), environmental sustainability, social impact, career growth, career learning, and work-life balance.  

You can also assign content such as articles, blogs and videos to each commitment. These are all available to members in the ‘About’ section of LinkedIn Pages. 

Want more?

Members can now search for companies with certain commitments in their job search, making sure their new company aligns with their values.

Could TikTok be replacing other apps as a place to find news?

A recent study conducted by Pew Research suggests that TikTok could be the new go-to news platform of the future. In the US, 26% of adults under 30 say that they regularly get their news on TikTok - an increase of 8% since 2021 and 17% from 2020.

But what does this mean for publishers?

Don’t worry, people still use TikTok predominately for entertainment. But it’s worth bearing in mind that TikTok could be an effective channel for sharing video-first news content in the future. Especially if you’re targeting users under 30!

And Finally 

Like what you read? Keep an eye on our blog for regular social media updates!

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