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Skyscanner came to us after being impressed by our work for another global client, Cognism.


The mission

Recognising the advantages of aligning an enterprise level site with service, marketing and sales teams, Skyscanner wanted to celebrate their 20th anniversary in style with a new web design, rebrand and build on the HubSpot CMS.

With deadlines in mind, we worked quickly to learn what was required, who the stakeholders were and what success looked like for Skyscanner. Once this was clear, we moved into the build phase.

Service, sales and marketing teams all aligned

Each division of Skyscanner now uses the same datasets to improve day-to-day operations and enhance the customer experience.

The Project

Collaboration was at the heart of this successful build, which saw us work with Boombox Design like they were an extension of our own team. This helped ensure that every single element of the build was approved and honoured the design.

This relationship was made all the more important considering the high levels of animation the website designs contained, including automatic accordions and alternating imagery determined by cursor location.

Ensuring a smooth build when it comes to website development is important, of course.

But the ability to future-proof this work is essential, as a website is always evolving and optimisation is never ‘complete’. A new website is rendered useless if your people can’t create new content with new designs after a web project ends.

That's why we set about creating dozens of custom module page sections that can be utilised by Skyscanner’s content creators going forward. The high number of custom modules and page sections mean any content owner will be able to seamlessly create new pages without code and content teams can continuously develop and evolve the website efficiently.


The result

Using our deep HubSpot and development expertise, we delivered a functional website that honoured Skyscanner’s vision and brand.

Now using the HubSpot CMS, service, sales and marketing teams at Skyscanner are completely aligned, using the same datasets and web sources to track activity, improve the marketing & sales flywheel and boost the customer experience.

Through seamless animation and functionality, Skyscanner has a home for all partnership enquiries that champions the user journey and is primed for lead conversion.

Services we used creating this work


HubSpot web development

Utilising HubSpot's drag-and-drop editor for flexible website creation, we delivered a future-proofed approach which the client can leverage moving forward.

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