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“Digital-first in every sense of the word, their team is diligent and clear from start to finish.

The project aftercare Karman Digital provides is second to none, they really go the extra mile.”

Alice De Courcy

Chief Marketing Officer

Working with external agencies

Our teams are able to work seamlessly with other agencies. In this project, we utilised Figma designs provided by Pentagram, incorporating them into the HubSpot CMS and enhancing resources and features along the way.


The mission

When Cognism first came to Karman, they were already scaling successfully with their own marketing team, boasting an abundance of talent. Karman stepped in to empower their team to take full control of the Cognism website. They had recently switched over to Squarespace from Wordpress and the change wasn’t providing them with the flexibility they needed.

After the success of our initial project, Cognism returned to Karman with a new branding initiative led by Pentagram. They once again enlisted our development team to bring their new website designs to fruition. Following a 12-week implementation period, we delivered a multi-language site comprising over 200 webpages, seamlessly assimilating into Cognism's fresh branding.


Increase in site visitors

We worked closely with Cognism’s marketing team to identify and address specific areas of friction across the site. This collaborative approach led to a prolific increase in performance across the site. In just eight weeks after our developments, Cognism’s site visits were up 200%

The project

Cognism needed a flexible website to match their new business acumen. With an experienced webs development team and deep knowledge around HubSpot's CMS, we knew we were the right fit for the project.

Recognising the potential for further enhancement to their site, Karman intervened to empower their existing team to assume complete control over the management of the Cognism website.

The emergence of a slow, cumbersome website diverged significantly from their strategic vision, exacerbating concerns regarding SEO effectiveness and declining visitor engagement. A decisive solution was imperative, one that harmonised user-friendly functionalities with the agility to adapt and align to their target demographic.


The result

Both projects yielded significant impacts for Cognism. The first project doubled site visitors monthly, achieved two new page one rankings in the first month post-launch, and resulted in the highest-ever month of inbound leads. The second project left Cognism digitally enhanced, with a multi-language site seamlessly integrated into their new brand identity.

Cognism's return to Karman for both projects underscores our commitment to delivering impactful solutions that align with our clients' evolving needs. Ready to enhance your digital presence? Discover how Karman can help your business today.

Services we used creating this work


HubSpot web development

We utilise years of experience to bring the best from HubSpot’s suite of tools. By uniting your CRM data, we develop agile, marketer-friendly websites that allow for easy, code-free changes in the future.

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