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Utilising A/B testing to drive results

A/B testing has been a critical part of our process, implementing site changes that have seen significant improvements to conversion rates. By analysing user behaviour and iteratively improving site performance, we aimed to maximise conversions and enhance the overall user experience.


The mission

activpayroll's website had evolved into a legacy build, featuring outdated design elements and a cumbersome CMS that made simple updates challenging. The client provides payroll solutions for 500+ in 150+ countries, yet the website was littered with errors, complex copy and cluttered layouts that detracted from the user experience.

This resulted in a poor representation of activpayroll’s comprehensive solutions, plus the  absence of clear CTAs and a user-centric design contributed to poor engagement metrics and limited lead generation.


Increase in form submissions

Strategic placement of CTAs and streamlined lead generation forms resulted in a significant increase in lead form submissions across website pages, from 1.79% to 3.02%


The Project

The project for activpayroll encompassed a comprehensive redesign of their website, with a focus on three key areas, Information Architecture, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation).

To begin, the Information Architecture (IA) was meticulously planned to anticipate user expectations and streamline the user experience. By organising content logically and intuitively, our aim was to guide visitors through their journey seamlessly, and ultimately increase engagement and retention.

This IA plan also prioritised SEO, optimising the website for search engines, enhancing crawlability and indexing, with the aim to improve search engine rankings, drive organic traffic and increase visibility in relevant search queries for activpayroll’s ideal prospects.

Following this, Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) strategies were implemented. This involved conducting A/B testing to refine key elements such as CTAs and lead generation forms. By analysing user behaviour and iteratively improving site performance, the goal was to maximise conversions and enhance the overall user experience.


The result

Our collaboration with activpayroll has led to a significant boost for the company, including a 67% increase in conversions, a 0.56% decrease in the bounce rate, and an increase in time per page view of 1 minute, indicating improved user engagement.

The introduction of a 2-step form led to a 133.7% improvement in conversions, and CRO strategies reduced the bounce rate from 87.51% to 82.82%, enhancing user retention and engagement.


Unlocking success requires seamless collaboration. Our approach fosters trust and ease in teamwork, paving the way for effective website development.

By revitalising activpayroll's digital presence through strategic website redesign and optimisation, we successfully addressed their challenges and achieved both immediate and long-term, tangible results.


Increase in average session duration

Through ongoing testing and optimisation efforts, we saw audience engagement metrics improve for activpayroll’s website, with a 0.56% decrease in page bounce rates and 34% increase in session durations.


Increase in conversions

By analysing user behaviour and iteratively improving site performance, we aimed to maximise conversions and enhance the overall user experience.

Services we used creating this work


HubSpot web development

We utilise years of experience to bring the best from HubSpot’s suite of tools. By uniting your CRM data, we develop agile, marketer-friendly websites that allow for easy, code-free changes in the future.


Leaning on decades of digital experience, we work as an extension of your team to utilise growth via services like lead gen, SEO, CRO and content design.

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