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“Karman Digital has realised our digital transformation goals and amplified the success of our business.

Working with them on our service team as well as our sales process, we’ve gained a great deal of insight into our clients’ needs and how to best help them.”

Simon Hurst

Managing Director

Reducing the demand for customer support

Following the Service Hub integration, Learndirect's customer support team experienced significant improvements. Contact frequency decreased by 26%, enhancing efficiency and response times.


The mission

Leveraging HubSpot's capabilities, our mission was twofold: to streamline Learndirect's sales process through automation and to optimise their paid social campaign to attract quality leads.

Learndirect tasked us with enhancing their sales process through automation and self-service conversions. However, the influx of new customers strained their existing support systems. Challenges included delayed response times, increased contact frequency for issue resolution and lack of insight into service performance.

In response to these drops, we restructured their customer support approach by leveraging HubSpot. Despite being new to the platform, Learndirect trusted us to deploy the necessary tools and training to tackle these challenges effectively, transitioning from sales-focused tools to a holistic support solution; while also driving successful outcomes for their paid social efforts.


In revenue generated

With our partnership, Learndirect were able to invest a third of a million pounds into their paid social marketing campaigns and earn nearly £1.6 million in revenue for deals won across A2HE Nursing, Functional Skills and CIM Professional Marketing courses.

The Project

In the early stages of their HubSpot journey, Learndirect faced the challenge of restructuring customer support. Previously focused on sales automation, they sought our expertise to deploy HubSpot Service Hub, prioritising a foundation for enhanced service experiences. At the same time, we were tasked with managing their paid social campaigns.

By implementing chatbots and a Knowledge Base, we empowered customer self-service and reduced support queries. To ensure a seamless user experience, we organised FAQs into a user-friendly Support Centre and utilised HubSpot's reporting dashboards to facilitate better monitoring of support KPIs and identify areas for improvement.

Automating NPS and CSAT surveys provided valuable customer feedback, guiding Learndirect towards a more responsive and customer-centric approach.

Simultaneously, our team meticulously optimised Learndirect's paid social strategy, fine-tuning audience targeting and creative content to ensure maximum engagement and lead generation.


The result

Learndirect's Service Hub launch enhanced their customer support, reflecting streamlined processes and improved customer experiences, while paid social campaigns established a steady flow of high-quality leads with an ROI of 400%.

In terms of Learndirect’s service hub, post-implementation, ticket resolution frequency reduced by 26%, ticket closure time by 48%, and response time by 41%. Over 5,000 feedback surveys were sent out, marking a transformation towards a modern, accountable support team. Meanwhile, in just 7 months, Karman Digital helped Learndirect achieve record-breaking sales and achieve a return on investment of 400%.


Ensuring a smooth build when it comes to website development is important, of course. But the ability to future-proof this work is essential.

A new website is rendered useless if your people can’t create new content with new designs after a web project ends. A website is ever-evolving, and optimisation is never ‘complete’.


Decrease in ticket closure time

With ticket closure time reduced by 48%, they ensured faster issue resolution, thereby improving customer satisfaction.


Return on investment and high-quality leads

We established a steady flow of high-quality leads for Learndirect that supported their course sales and contributed to a 400% ROI, breaking sales records for 3 consecutive months.

Services we used creating this work


HubSpot Migration & Implementation

Our experts ensure everything runs smoothly in Hubspot, considering everything from data structure and architecture to custom fields, the sales pipeline and everything in-between.


Leaning on decades of digital experience, we work as an extension of your team to utilise growth via services like lead gen, SEO, CRO and content design.

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