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This week's social media updates 14-12-22

Say hello to Avatars and goodbye to Twitter moments...

The last week has seen a further shift in the Metaverse and news in the world of authentic social.

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Our Social Media Specialist, Alex Bradshaw shares the latest:


Instagram leans into the authentic social shift

Similar to BeReal, voted ‘User’s Choice’ App of the Year 2022 (Google Play and App Store), Instagram is now exploring the unique side of authentic social by developing some similar features within the app.

It is rumoured that Instagram is currently working on ‘Roll Call’, a feature which enables group chat members to request that all participants add a photo or video of themselves to the chat within a 5 minute timeframe. Essentially, Roll Call is a condensed version of BeReal which sits within Instagram group chats, and is only sent to a select number of users.

Instagram is also working on something called ‘Glimpse Stories’ which gives users the opportunity to share what they’re up to in that exact moment with their followers. To see a glimpse story, a user must have also uploaded their own glimpse story to encourage participation. 

As exciting as a shift to a more authentic social landscape is, you may be wondering how to approach this from a business perspective. If I’m totally honest, I wouldn’t make any major changes to your strategy right now, but bear in mind how your brand could leverage this more ‘authentic’ and spontaneous side of social as we head into the New Year.


Meta adds more Avatar options as we lean further towards the Metaverse shift

Facebook has launched a new posting creation mode which allows users to share from their Avatar. This new process puts increased emphasis on your digital ‘mini-me’ which can also be seen across Instagram and WhatsApp. 

This is all leading to the next phase of the Metaverse shift. Ultimately, Meta’s goal is to get users more excited about the Metaverse, and integrating personalised versions of users is a great way to do just that. With more and more updates, Meta is establishing stronger links between individuals and their digital characters, making people feel more comfortable using their Aaavatars for wider purposes.

As we may believe that themed costumes, sponsored items and 3D character designs are a bit of fun right now - essentially, these updates are stepping stones towards Metaverse assimilation. 

Watch this space to find out more in the coming weeks…

Twitter Moments are gone

In an announcement on Wednesday 7 December, Twitter officially announced that Moments will no longer exist on the platform. 

Twitter shared that users will still be able to view Moments created in the past but the option to create them new is now unavailable. 

For those who may not have used Moments before, essentially this was a feature which allowed users to curate longer-form content to tell interesting stories. They were collections of notable tweets and commentaries, weaved together to tell powerful or interesting messages around any topic, conversation or event.

So what does this mean for your business?

With Moments no longer a part of Twitter’s functionality, I’d recommend leveraging the remaining features within the app. As a business, try making better use of the ‘Live’ feature and keep your eyes peeled for new updates coming soon. 

As Elon Musk and his team work to develop the Twitter platform, rumours around new features are set to fill the void left by the exit of Moments. Among these improvements we’re expected to see features such as encrypted DMs, long-form tweets and much more. This really does present an opportunity to mark a new era for the platform!

And finally...

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