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The benefits of hiring a HubSpot Certified Trainer

When businesses first start their HubSpot journey, they often find that there is a lot of learning involved. Although HubSpot’s tools are fairly intuitive, sometimes the sheer number of possibilities can feel overwhelming. That’s why HubSpot has created two different methods of learning more about the platform: HubSpot Certified Trainers and HubSpot Academy.

HubSpot Certified Trainers vs. HubSpot Academy

You may be wondering, ‘What’s the difference between a HubSpot Certified Trainer and HubSpot Academy?’ The answer is, well, a lot.

HubSpot Academy is a knowledge hub created and run by HubSpot internally. They’ve created a wide variety of badged courses and other lessons that are designed to help you get acquainted with both HubSpot tools and inbound marketing. These video lessons can take you on a detailed journey exploring how to use each and every HubSpot tool.

So where do HubSpot Certified Trainers come in?

HubSpot Certified Trainers (HCTs) are individuals from both HubSpot and HubSpot Solution Partners (like Karman Digital) who have earned multiple HubSpot certifications in both the use of the software and in training others. In addition, HCTs have hands-on knowledge of the day-to-day usage of HubSpot tools.

Why use a HubSpot Certified Trainer?

You may be wondering why you would hire an HCT if HubSpot already provides free education on how to use it through the academy. This is a reasonable question, but there are some important things that a HubSpot Certified Trainer can provide that you can’t get just from watching videos.

Tailored learning

Although HubSpot Academy does a great job teaching you how to use HubSpot, it takes a very general approach. When you engage with an HCT, not only will you have someone guiding you on how to use HubSpot, you will also have someone guiding you on how to use HubSpot for your business.

Each HubSpot training by HCTs is custom-built and tailored to your business’ needs. In some instances, this could be setting up a deal pipeline for your business or implementing bespoke automation workflows. Instead of seeking out specific videos and trying to understand how they apply to your organisation, you will have the advice of an expert who uses HubSpot regularly.

In addition, HubSpot Certified Trainers have been taught how to work with and engage multiple learning styles. This means that the training session itself can be tailored to fit the way that your team learns best.

Answers to questions

You know what’s really difficult about video courses? There’s no one to ask questions! For some, learning from videos is a great way to take in new knowledge. For others, not having another human being involved can lead to confusion. With the help of an experienced HCT, you’ll be able to make sure that you understand the material and how it applies to your business and your role.

Team learning

Getting your whole team on the same page can be a real struggle, particularly when it comes to development and training. While some may be very motivated to learn, others can find making time for learning difficult. 

Engaging with a HubSpot Certified Trainer can help that. Unlike an assigned course of videos, you can organise a time for the whole team to be present and accounted for. On top of that, you’ll be sure that everyone on the team has the same information and has had the same opportunity to get their learning needs met.

Ongoing learning plan

After each training session with an HCT, you’ll be given tasks to complete within HubSpot, to help your newfound knowledge sink in. Your trainer will then schedule milestone check-ins to see how you’ve done with these tasks and to answer any questions that may have come up in the process.

By continuing to be a part of your HubSpot journey, HubSpot Certified Trainers increase the level of adoption in your team. The regular check-in calls help add a sense of accountability and the homework tasks themselves encourage more frequent usage of the software.

A knowledgeable contact

The best part of hiring a HubSpot Certified Trainer? You now have a very knowledgeable HubSpot expert as a contact. You can turn to them with questions or future training needs. They’ll also have insight into what your HubSpot needs might be in the future. This can save a lot of hassle and questioning during planning.

As you can see, there are many benefits to hiring a HubSpot Certified Trainer. From bespoke learning packages to increased adoption, getting face-to-face (or video call-to-face as it is right now) teaching can help you get the most out of HubSpot.

If you’d like to learn more about HubSpot Certified Training, check out our services page here. Alternatively, you can set up a call with one of our trainers.

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