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PodSpot #16 - What Custom Modules mean for CMS Hub

In episode sixteen of PodSpot, the unofficial UK HubSpot podcast, we bring you a conversation between Kerry Thompson and the Karman Digital development dream team; Jon Dean and Chris Brown. Together they discuss HubSpot modules: What are they? How do they work? And how can they help your website?

Kerry starts the conversation by encouraging the pair to clarify what exactly modules are in the context of development. Between them, Chris and Jon explain the basics as well as some of the possible applications that modules have and their drag-and-drop capabilities. Jon then defines the differences between custom modules and regular modules, with Chris highlighting the flexibility that custom modules allow marketers and non-developers to take advantage of.

Next they explore some of the many unique uses of custom modules, including the possibility of HubSpot’s HubDB connectivity and API functionality. Kerry asks Chris and Jon whether they see custom modules as a valuable component of a web build from a developer’s perspective and they confirm that they do, and give the reasons why. This leads naturally to a conversation about the ease of use of custom modules; Jon explains that while the applications can be quite complex, the actual process of development can be very accessible, and how that accessibility is carried over to the end user too.

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After discussing how the flexibility that custom modules offer can lead directly to increased value for clients, Kerry asks the team their opinion on whether businesses looking for a new website should consider introducing custom modules into their own build. The short answer is yes, but Jon goes further, clarifying those occasions when custom modules are a great idea, and when other solutions, including HubSpot’s default template modules, should be sufficient. 

To round off their discussion, Chris and Jon share their professional insights and tips and tricks for businesses looking to include custom modules in their website build. 

If you’d like to learn more about HubSpot, do get in touch. We love talking about anything HubSpot!


Intro 0.00 - 0.15

  • 01:08 - Kerry introduces Chris and Jon
  • 01:41 - What exactly is a module?
  • 03:11 - What makes a module a ‘custom’ module?
  • 04:58 - Things that custom modules can do that regular modules cannot
  • 09:46 - The value of including custom modules in a web build
  • 10:52 - The ease of use of custom modules in HubSpot
  • 14:54 - Custom modules for people with no development experience
  • 15:49 - How custom modules can free up time to focus on adding value
  • 18:51 - Should businesses building a new website use custom modules
  • 20:52 - HubSpot custom module tips and tricks for businesses

Outro - 25:56 

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