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How does CMS Hub keep my site secure?

Website security is an increasing risk, particularly as more and more information is stored online. This poses a risk not only to business information, but also to customer information. The number of websites that get hacked are rising every year, so, naturally, when you explore content management systems and website hosting for your business, security is a significant concern.

When we build websites, we use HubSpot’s CMS Hub because it has in-built security features that keep sites (and businesses) safe. Because these measures are part of the platform, you don’t need to worry about installing plug-ins or manually updating your security.

These are a few of the features that HubSpot uses to ensure the security of the sites it hosts:

Web Application Firewall

HubSpot uses a web application firewall to protect your site from potential attacks. Through their enterprise-class firewall, malicious IP addresses are identified and blocked before they have the chance to get to your website.

User management

Mitigate risk within CMS Hub by using the enhanced user roles and partitioning features. Not only does this feature enable teams to focus on the parts of the CMS that are most useful and relevant to them, but it also ensures tighter control on permissions. 

By limiting the number of individuals who have full access to the site’s back end, you can reduce opportunities for human error that could pose a security weakness.

SSL certificate

All sites that are built in CMS Hub come with a standard SSL certificate included. This helps make sure that your site has essential security while also appearing more favourably to both users and Google search results. Security is even considered for SEO rankings.

24/7 monitoring and threat detection

Broadly, website monitoring is a way in which web teams measure website performance, reliability and security. HubSpot employs a dedicated team of IT professionals that focus on monitoring websites and ensuring security. Through the use of both manual and automated checks, this team works 24/7 to find any attacks or anomalies that threaten the security of your site.

Content delivery network

Sites that are built on HubSpot, are served through their global content delivery network (CDN) which enables the sites to handle very high volumes of traffic. This means that, no matter how popular your site becomes, it won’t get overloaded by an influx of traffic.

The CDN is set up with data centres around the globe which are able to automatically reroute your traffic so that visitors never experience downtime. They also are scanned regularly for virus protection.

Activity logging

CMS Hub now includes Activity Logging, which means that you can always see when things have been changed on your website and by whom. If you do ever experience strange behaviour or anomalous events, activity logging will enable both your team and the HubSpot security team to see who has made those changes.

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In addition to HubSpot’s robust security policy, these features in CMS Hub go above and beyond most content management systems.

This focus on security is one of the many reasons we prefer to build on CMS Hub over other platforms. CMS Hub takes the pain out of keeping both business and customer data safe. 

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