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PodSpot #41 - HubSpot vs WordPress...argument over?

In episode 41 of PodSpot, the UK's only HubSpot themed podcast, host Ian Townshend is joined by developers Jon Dean and Chris Brown in the Karman Digital podcast booth. 

The trio sit down for a 40 minute discussion, covering a range of topics, from UX (User Experience) to HubSpot's roadmap for development in the coming years. 


So, what's the best platform to host your next website on? 

We're sure you know our answer, but if you're still unsure, this could be the episode for you...

If you’d like to learn more about HubSpot or digital transformation, get in touch. We’re ready to help you unleash the potential of digital in your organisation.

Intro - 0:00 

  • 01:20: How much does a website cost? 
  • 04:28: Flexibility and the HubSpot CMS
  • 09:50: The great HubSpot modular approach 
  • 10:30: Unlimited possibilities
  • 13:09: Measuring success 
  • 17:00: Smart content on HubSpot 
  • 21:50: Testing on HubSpot
  • 25:50: How quick can you really create a page on HubSpot? 
  • 30:00: Briefing an agency on a new website 
  • 35:09: HubSpot's roadmap

Outro - 36:00 

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