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PodSpot #7 - Wordpress vs. HubSpot with Chris Brown

In episode seven of PodSpot, the unofficial UK HubSpot podcast, Matt Wood, Digital Strategist at Karman Digital, talks with Chris Brown, Head of Development at Karman Digital. Together they discuss the good, the bad and the complicated of comparing HubSpot’s CMS Hub and WordPress.

As a long time developer, Chris has had the opportunity to work on both platforms extensively and is able to provide a fairly unbiased account of the contrast between these two content management systems. 

Although we are a HubSpot partner, we do still build sites on WordPress and Chris and Matt discuss the factors that can play a role in choosing a platform. The most significant of these tend to be cost-based, but it doesn’t always work out the way you might think. As Chris and Matt begin discussing price, Chris reveals the hidden costs of developing and running a new site.

The two also cover the usability of the two platforms. From back-end editing to marketer-friendliness, Chris and Matt dig into which CMS has an easier interface for users to operate. 

Finally, our Head of Development and Digital Strategist discuss the features that improve and inhibit the ability to create a future-proof and highly functioning website.

If you’d like to learn more about HubSpot or would like to talk about introducing automation to your team, do get in touch. We love talking about anything HubSpot!


Intro 0.00 - 01.18

  • 02.35 - Tackling the pros and cons of WordPress
  • 06.52 - The upside of CMS Hub
  • 09.25 - The downside of CMS Hub
  • 10.40 - Deciding which platform is more marketer-friendly
  • 13.06 - Comparing the security of both CMS platforms
  • 14.54 - The joy of not having to update plugins
  • 15.47 - How themes work on both platforms
  • 18.02 - HubSpot’s drag-and-drop editor vs. page editors in WordPress
  • 20.20 - Which one is really the most expensive platform
  • 22.27 - Deciding which platform to use based on business needs
  • 25.36 - How future-proof both platforms are
  • 26.50 - The way plugins can let down a website
  • 27.42 - Chris’ favourite feature of WordPress
  • 28.21 - Chris’ favourite feature of CMS Hub

Outro 29.30 - 30.22

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