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PodSpot #8 - Managing social through HubSpot with Kerry Thompson

In episode eight of PodSpot, the unofficial UK HubSpot podcast, Matt Wood, Digital Strategist at Karman Digital, talks with Kerry Thompson, PR & Engagement Manager at Karman Digital. Together they journey into the wild world of social media management.

Throughout her career, Kerry has had the opportunity to use many different social management tools and a wide mix of platforms. She and Matt begin their conversation with the importance of social media and how, now, digital adaptation and engagement isn’t just a nice to have, it’s a necessity for business survival.

Having worked with various businesses on their social media presence and strategies, Kerry shares her recommendations for various platforms and her experiences with different management software. She then offers her advice on how to choose the right tools for your business.

As they dive into the features we most use in HubSpot, the conversation turns to reporting and brand advocacy. Kerry advises brands to maintain consistency and build communities through genuine engagement.

Finally, Kerry and Matt talk about their personal favourite social platforms and the surprising channel that’s rising in the ranks.

If you’d like to learn more about HubSpot or would like to talk about introducing automation to your team, do get in touch. We love talking about anything HubSpot!


Intro 0.00 - 0.53

  • 01.15 - Introducing Kerry’s role and supporting CF strategy
  • 03.53 - Why social is such a strong focus
  • 4.45 - Engagement & the power of social media to create global trends
  • 6.01 - Digital adaptation requires social as part of survival
  • 7.10 - Discovering HubSpot for social
  • 8.34 - The various platforms and usage cases
  • 9.47 - Ease of learning HubSpot’s social tools
  • 10.39 - The necessity of social management tools
  • 14.01 - How to choose the right tool for your business
  • 16.19 - Building communities with consistency
  • 20.16 - Creating brand advocates through engagement
  • 22.01 - Analysing for effectiveness and strategy
  • 23.34 - Which metrics to focus on for social media
  • 25.40 - Kerry and Matt’s personal favourite social platforms

Outro 30.31 - 31.03

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