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PodSpot #12 - Everything you need to know about Custom Objects

In episode twelve of PodSpot, the unofficial UK HubSpot podcast, Matt Wood, Digital Strategist at Karman Digital, talks with Rahmona Henry, Developer Advocate at HubSpot. Together they discuss HubSpot's newest enterprise-level feature: custom objects.

Rahmona and Matt start this conversation by exploring what objects in HubSpot have historically been and how custom objects differ from what existed before. Together, the pair discuss how the functionality of custom objects is currently set up and a hint toward what may be coming down the pipeline in the near future.

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From there, Matt asks Rahmona to share her thoughts on the framework and process for setting up a custom object within HubSpot. Rahmona takes Matt through each step of the framework and explores examples of the stages and why each one is important. In addition to creating custom objects, there may be alternative options such as integrations and CRM cards. 

Rahmona goes on to explain the suitability of custom objects. From which subscription tier is needed to the ways in which custom objects can increase flexibility and capability within your HubSpot portal. Matt and Rahmona discuss the capabilities needed in order to successfully set up custom objects, whether that resource needs to be in-house or external, and apps that can help create custom objects.

Finally, Matt asks Rahmona to share her thoughts on what new things are coming next from Hubspot that we can look forward to.

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Intro 0.00 - 0.15

  • 00:58 - Rahmona’s Role at HubSpot
  • 02:25 - An introduction to Objects in HubSpot
  • 03:28 - What makes Custom Objects different to standard Objects?
  • 05:32 - How Custom Objects interact with the rest of the CRM and is the functionality the same?
  • 06:47 - The importance of planning when building Custom Objects
  • 07:49 - 5 Step Framework to assess whether a Custom Object is a good fit for your business
  • 13:48 -  Which HubSpot level subscriptions can use Custom Objects
  • 14:24 -  Building Custom Objects with APIs and the requirement for Developer knowledge
  • 15:59 - Support for non-developers on how to use APIs to create Objects
  • 17:30 - Types of Custom Objects that different businesses should explore
  • 19:33 - Increasing flexibility and capability with HubSpot Objects
  • 20:32 - HubSpot’s future plans to build out Custom Objects further
  • 22:25 - The next big things for HubSpot including Custom Marketing and App Objects

Outro 25.14

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