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PodSpot #35 - How far can we really take HubSpot automation?


In episode 35 of PodSpot, the UK's only HubSpot themed podcast, host Ian Townshend is joined by HubSpot aficionado and Karman Digital's Head of Digital, Matt Wood, to tackle all things HubSpot automation.

Perhaps one of the most important functions within HubSpot, automations have the potential to bring your business to the next level, but how is this achieved? And how far can we really take HubSpot automations? The pair discuss all in this episode. 

The podcast gets going when Ian asks Matt, broadly, what HubSpot can bring to a business...

Ultimately, automation is a scalability function at heart

Allowing for the seamless movement of data around a business and getting the right message in-front of the right customer at the right time, automation within HubSpot is a sure fire way to increase productivity and sophistication for a business. Automation aims to take away manual processes that are prone to mistakes.

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You can automate just about anything on HubSpot, but the most common forms of automation involve marketing automation. Ian asks Matt how automation helps marketing specifically, for Matt it's all about improvements to the customer journey. Think triggered SMS messages, targeted to leads, prospects and customers at the perfect time, or lead nurturing emails, offering the right discounts at the right time during the buyers journey. The potential possibilities for automated marketing are endless, and all help increase marketing flywheel productivity for businesses. 

The pair go on to discuss automation for customer services and sales enablement, eventually culminating in a discussion about OpsHub. Labelled the "most exciting addition to HubSpot" Matt laments the new function's importance for data sync, management and hygiene.

It can be an extremely useful tool for companies migrating into HubSpot, and businesses onboarding HubSpot should look to harness the data cleansing tools on OpsHub to ensure the safe migration of data from an external CRM. 

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That's just scratching the surface of the conversation...  the pair wrap up when Ian asks Matt how far HubSpot automation will really go....

Listen to episode 35 of PodSpot and find out his answer... 

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       Intro - 0:00

  • 01.30  - What can automation bring to a business? 
  • 04.30 - Marketing and automation 
  • 09:30 - Sales and automation 
  • 16.40 - customer service and automation
  • 22:40 - OpsHub and data automation 
  • 26:40 - Python & node automation
  • 27:45 - Are there really any limits to HubSpot automation? 
  • 33:00- The future of HubSpot automation

     Outro - 37:31 


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