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PodSpot #38 - HubSpot training, what is it and when do you really need it?

In episode 38 of PodSpot, the UK's only HubSpot themed podcast, host Ian Townshend is joined by Karman Digital's Head of Digital, Matt Wood.

The pair sit down for 33 minutes, discussing everything there is to discuss around HubSpot training. 


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The conversation begins with Ian asking Matt for a comprehensive overview of HubSpot training. 

Matt notes that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to HubSpot training. Often, businesses need more than just training on the platform, they need to be educated on the platform itself and learn how HubSpot needs to gel around their business for maximum success. If this is achieved, then businesses should look towards HubSpot training. 

This idea is the focus on the conversation, ultimately, you need to know why you're using HubSpot before you think about training up your personnel on it. 

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The pair cover everything there is to do with HubSpot training and on-boarding in a great conversation. 

What is a training audit? who really needs HubSpot training in your business and when is it time to up-skill your staff? Listen to this week's episode of PodSpot and find out all. 

If you’d like to learn more about HubSpot or digital transformation, get in touch. We’re ready to help you unleash the potential of digital in your organisation.


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