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PodSpot #6 - Sales enablement through Sales Hub

In episode six of PodSpot, the unofficial UK HubSpot podcast, Jon Pittham, Managing Director at Karman Digital, talks with Nick Piper, Strategic Business and Operations Manager at Yorkshire Building Society (YBS). Together they discuss Nick’s role and the path on which HubSpot has led the YBS sales team.

Nick and Jon begin with identifying the problem that YBS were facing which led them to embrace HubSpot. As Accord (part of YBS) were looking to revolutionise their service proposition and brand, they knew they would need a CRM that would enable them to view and measure the impact across channels.

As the conversation turns toward how YBS are using HubSpot, the two talk about the challenges that businesses face when implementing new technology within a sales team. From suspicions about activity monitoring to concerns around time constraints, Nick covers how YBS introduced the platform slowly and with open communication to dispel apprehension.

Following on from the topic of initial implementation, Jon and Nick discuss how YBS are using Sales Hub and other HubSpot tools now. Not only has the business started utilising data-driven insights to make decisions, they have also seen full adoption of the platform within the team.

The sales team often cite voice recording and activity logging as their favourite features. Meanwhile, leadership members have seen the value in HubSpot’s in-built reporting tools.

If you’d like to learn more about HubSpot or would like to talk about introducing automation to your team, do get in touch. We love talking about anything HubSpot!

Intro 0.00 - 0.52

  • The issue that led YBS to HubSpot
  • The difficulties with implementing to the sales team
  • How insights dispelled doubts
  • Data and aligning marketing and sales
  • Uncovering potential growth opportunities through HubSpot
  • The sales team’s favourite tools in the platform
  • How HubSpot enabled the team during lockdown
  • How intuitive reporting is driving data-led decision making
  • The future of YBS and HubSpot

Outro 32.52-33.1

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