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PodSpot #37 - The power of video & HubSpot with Chris Van Praag

In episode 37 of PodSpot, the UK's only HubSpot themed podcast, host Ian Townshend is joined by Vidyard Account Executive Chris Van Praag. 

The pair sit down for 40 minutes, discussing everything there is to discuss around video marketing.  

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Everyone loves video. It's the content we consume at home and it's the content that is most memorable.

Vidyard, a video creation platform, ran a neurological study on the topic and found that video was far more engaging than text. This is where the PodSpot conversation begins. The results were staggering and the benefits are clear.

More companies are realising the power of video marketing. But how did we get here? And what are the issues facing businesses who want to lead into the practice?

There's no doubt that video has been emerging as a leading marketing technique since the rise of short-form video content platforms, such as TikTok, Instagram and Youtube (shorts). This, paired with the pandemic and the acceleration of remote work, has massively boosted the marketing trend. But there are issues associated with the technique, businesses find it can often be a challenge getting people onboard and in-front of camera, Ian and Chris go on to discuss the answers to these problems. 

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The power of video is alive and well within HubSpot too.

Using the Vidyard integration, users can embed videos within mailers, blogs and on the CMS. HubSpot users can get in-depth reporting around the efficacy of videos and build dashboards around these figures. 

That's just scratching the surface... listen to episode 37 of PodSpot, and find out all the other advantages of video marketing within HubSpot. 

If you’d like to learn more about HubSpot or digital transformation, get in touch. We’re ready to help you unleash the potential of digital in your organisation.

       Intro - 0:00 

  • 1:48: Introduction to video marketing and vidyard.
  • 3:39: How has video marketing emerged?
  • 5:35: Honesty and authenticity.
  • 7:44: Problems with adoption.
  • 10:15: The stats behind video marketing.
  • 11:00: HubSpot, buyers journey and video.
  • 14:30: Starting out with video.
  • 15:30: The natural nature of video.
  • 18:30: The benefits of video over text.
  • 20:00: Video marketing strategy.
  • 25:55: Email and video marketing.
  • 27:45: Inventive ways to utilise video.
  • 29:45: The HubSpot & Vidyard integration. 
  • 31:51: Paid integration on HubSpot. 
  • 37:00: Top reasons business leaders should adopt video marketing.

Outro - 39:00 




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