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PodSpot #14 - The future of digital in 2021

In episode fourteen of PodSpot, the unofficial UK HubSpot podcast, Kerry Thompson, PR and Engagement Manager at Karman Digital, talks with Jon Pittham and Gemma Hayes, Directors at Karman Digital. Together they explore what digital will look like in 2021.

Our leaders start this conversation by reflecting on the changes that have occurred over the past year. Due to the pandemic, 2020 saw a massive shift towards digital transformation. These changes have been especially driven by customer experience, be that through better data usage or creating self-serve experiences.

In particular, the rise of virtual events and innovation in digital collaboration have both stood out as interesting movements in the digital world. Jon and Gemma are excited to see what will come from these arenas next.

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From there, Jon and Gemma discuss what future workplaces will look like and how modern organisations will need to continue growing and adapting to meet the needs of both their employees and customers.

Jon’s feeling is that some of the changes that have taken place will slowly return to old behaviours, but in moderation. Businesses have transformed significantly, but elements of historical working patterns may still hold fast, particularly in sales. Gemma believes that those businesses which have successfully become digitally ready will be more competitive and prepared for the future. 

The trio talk about HubSpot and how businesses have worked with the platform as a central part of their digital transformation strategy. This is especially true around integrations and automation.

Finally, Kerry asks Jon and Gemma to share their thoughts on both what trends we’ve seen in 2020 that will be further built upon in 2021 and what new trends we might see in the new year.

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00:00-01:50 - Intro

  • 01:50 - Big changes we’ve seen in Digital in 2020
  • 04:06 - How the way businesses think about Data has changed
  • 06:24 - The rise of virtual events
  • 08:38 - How businesses have become digitally collaborative
  • 10:08 - Adapting to a new workplace and culture post Covid
  • 12:13 - Digital trends that we will take with us into 2021
  • 16:18 - Were companies digitally ready in 2020?
  • 17:34 - What areas of HubSpot have businesses utilised most this year when wanting to be more digital?
  • 19:01 - What trends will we continue to build on in 2021?
  • 22:29 -  What are the highlights you see on the horizon for 2021?

24:34 - Outro

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