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Harnessing the true potential of HubSpot

Allica Bank recognised that there was more to HubSpot than they could unlock themselves. Our expertise elevated their HubSpot operations to create a clear and sustainable roadmap aligned with their goals.


The mission

Allica bank had recently implemented HubSpot to be their main CRM, marketing automation & customer service platform. As an ambitious startup challenger bank, they wanted an all-encompassing platform that would scale with the business.

However, after initially implementing HubSpot, they recognised that they had reached a limit on what they could do with the platform and there were still gaps in what they wanted to achieve. This is where our years of HubSpot experience stepped in, dissecting their current operations and providing clarity on how to take HubSpot to the next level.

The mission was to really get under the skin of their business and advise how best to improve their current usage of HubSpot. This sparked a HubSpot consultancy project designed to support better decision-making and more effective delivery of business activity.

Unlocking success requires seamless collaboration

Through our close collaboration, Allica Bank was able to evolve HubSpot to be their source of truth for data and are now fully embedded and growing with the platform.

The Project

Our HubSpot consultancy enabled Allica Bank to visualise and implement their expansion of HubSpot across the business. Our experts then worked as an extension of their teams to effectively integrate client data into HubSpot.

We understood that to be able to produce a plan to evolve Allica Bank’s use of HubSpot, we had to talk to the key stakeholders using the system. This began with multiple discovery workshops with various team members across the different business functions to better understand the vision.

Not only was this to capture business goals for using HubSpot, but also how the team would like these goals and processes to fit into HubSpot. Following our discovery meetings, we started to map and design the ideal process. This would enable us to visually show how Allica Bank as a business would work on HubSpot going forward.

Finally, we collated all of our findings into a consultancy report which outlined our full plan and roadmap for taking Allica Bank’s usage of HubSpot to the next level. This document contained full recommendations for each area of HubSpot and relevant actions to take. We then delivered this in a face to face meeting with the client, walking them through the plan and next steps.


The result

Our HubSpot consultancy work enabled Allica Bank to effectively visualise and plan for the expansion of HubSpot across the business. They could now clearly see a way forward.

As a result, Allica Bank was able to redefine their customer service process and migrate everything onto the HubSpot Service Hub. They were also able to effectively cleanse their database and start to build reports across the different areas of the business which was something they couldn’t do previously.

The business was also able to build out a more sophisticated lead routing system, enabling the passing of leads between marketing and sales to happen, aligning both business functions.

Services we used creating this work


HubSpot consultancy

Leaning on our extensive expertise, we were able to unlock the full potential inside HubSpot and elevate the client to where they want to be.


HubSpot integrations

After building an effective roadmap, our teams delivered ongoing support to effectively integrate client data over to HubSpot.


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