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Cyber security

“We expected a new website, and got so much more.

We went to Karman expecting a new website. Drawing from their experience and a clear passion for digital we got so much more.”

Stephen Glasgow

Chief Information Security Officer

Uniting UX and brand image with HubSpot’s modular developments

Our collaborative and modular process with Pionen ensured all elements are customised and bespoke to their unique industry of cyber security.


The mission

With the new brand image approved, our design team crafted sleek web designs that showcased Pionen's technological prowess and commitment to security. Collaborating with the client, our content team ensured UX writing principles were adhered to, which would enhance the user experience.

Utilising the HubSpot CMS, we swiftly built the website in two phases, ensuring timely completion for an industry event. Post-event, we finalised sub-service pages and the "projects" page, presenting Pionen as a leading name in the cyber security sector.


Complete brand overhaul

Pionen’s website and renewed brand identity now fully reflects a sophisticated business with decades of experience in cyber resilience and security.

The Project

We crafted a new user journey and messaging aligned with Pionen’s cybersecurity leadership, collaborating with the design team to deliver intuitive UX principles.

Our content team created a bespoke user journey and messaging to better suit the client’s positioning as a leader in cyber security, working in tandem with the design team to ensure excellent user experience across the site.

We later used HubSpot CMS to build out the site, ensuring all features were ready to be tested for a specific industry event. This led to invaluable insight into the benefits of the new site and allowed us to further develop sub-service pages and the “projects” page.


The result

Pionen left Karman with more than just a new website; they gained a revitalised brand identity that accurately reflects their expertise - a technology-first team who keep complex public sector departments safe.

Their website now portrays them as a sophisticated and experienced player in the field of cyber resilience and security. Our approach to Pionen's project went beyond a mere website redesign, resulting in a comprehensive brand transformation.

Services we used creating this work


HubSpot web development

Utilising HubSpot's drag-and-drop editor for flexible website creation, we delivered a future-proofed approach which the client can leverage moving forward.


Leaning on decades of digital experience, we work as an extension of your team to utilise growth via services like lead gen, SEO, CRO and content design.


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