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Our Work: Cognism

A growing organisation needs a platform to match

Cognism was already scaling successfully with their own marketing team boasting bucket-loads of talent. Where we could help was to empower their team to take full control of the Cognism website. They had recently switched over to Squarespace from Wordpress and the change wasn’t providing them the flexibility they needed.

Having a slow, clunky and unmanageable website was not part of their plan and they were seeing their SEO and visitor traffic badly affected. They needed a powerful solution that was marketer-friendly, allowing for easy changes to ensure they were able to stay aligned with their target audience.

Delivering an agile,
user-friendly website

Alice de Courcy, now CMO of Cognism Group, had past experience with HubSpot and recognised its potential when faced with this specific challenge. It was her search for HubSpot specialists through and through with an ability for agile working that led her to us. HubSpot’s CMS Hub is designed to be a joy to use, and Cognism knew that.

While the solution was already decided, one of our developers, Jon Dean, reimagined the idea. Seeing that a growing business like Cognism would need a scalable solution as time went on, the site was built with repeatable, user-friendly actions in mind.

Leading listings
for a leading business

Since going live, the site speed and SEO issues are now a thing of the past and search visibility skyrocketed. The marketing team now has a website that they can easily use and edit, and a bank of ready-to-use templates and pages. 

The impact:

  • Site visitors doubled month on month
  • 2 new page-one rankings in the first month post launch
  • Cognism's biggest ever month of inbound leads