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Our Work: Edina

Powerful businesses needs powerful digital

Edina is a leading power generation specialist. Their clients use a lot of power and Edina helps them reduce their costs and streamline their processes. It was up to us to make sure that the sector-leading service which they deliver was reflected in their new website.

The original site had slow load speeds and UX issues resulting in a negative impact on their SEO. The website itself was static and the back-end was overly complex, making it difficult to scale the site in line with the business’s growth.

We set out to do for them what they do for others: cleaning up processes and powering futures.

A dynamic website, driven by data

Their new site needed to be dynamic, easy to optimise and a dream for users to navigate. Edina knew that HubSpot was the right tool to achieve that and so the team at Karman built them a strategy.

We needed to launch quickly so we built a fast and functional site which didn’t falter on design or development. On-time and on-budget, with open-ended scalability. This acted as a launchpad that would develop over time, reacting to user behaviour and client information to develop a dynamic, data-driven high performing website.

Reaping the rewards of smart UX

Since launch, Edina have seen the effects of a more streamlined user experience. Not only has the performance of the site increased, page rankings are up and they’re now seeing more visitors and longer page durations.

The stats speak for themselves:

  • 97% increase in contact form submissions
  • Overall website users up by 21% since launch

With continuous improvement at the heart of this project, the site continues to develop in response to user data. In turn this facilitates Edina’s growth goals in an ever-changing sector.