HubSpot integrations

Save time, effort and money by connecting your business operations.

HubSpot Integrations streamline workflows, enhance data accuracy and boost productivity. Connecting multiple platforms naturally encourages collaboration and ultimately drives growth.

Native integrations

Reduce the need for manual data entry

Integrating HubSpot with native tools reduces the need for manual data entry. Common integrations include the likes of Gmail, Zoom, payment systems and more, each designed to work seamlessly within the HubSpot ecosystem.

HubSpot's native integrations offer:

Enhanced communication: Integrate with Gmail and other email platforms to centralise communications and improve collaboration.

Improved customer insights: Consolidate data from multiple sources to gain a deeper understanding of your customers and tailor your marketing efforts.

Seamless payments: Connect with payment systems to manage transactions effortlessly and maintain accurate financial records.


Of sales deals discuss integrations

Integrations are brought up in 60% of all sales deals. Seamless connectivity is crucial for business operations.

Why use native integrations?


Enhanced interaction

Leverage call tracking and analytics to gain insights into customer interactions, improving service quality and response times.


Simplified transactions

Integrate payment solutions with HubSpot to streamline billing, invoicing, and transaction tracking, making payment management effortless.


Unified comms platform

Integrate your email system with HubSpot to simplify and streamline communication, help improve collaboration for your team, and ensure consistent messaging.


Seamless scheduling

Simplify the scheduling process by integrating HubSpot with calendar tools. Get easy-to-use meeting booking links to ensure all appointments are automatically synced and managed.

Marketplace integrations

Achieve seamless connectivity between platforms and reduce manual data entry

Integrating HubSpot with marketplace tools allows for consistent data. Common integrations include widely used platforms such as WordPress, LinkedIn Ads, Outlook, Zapier, Slack, and more.

Integrations create a connection between your platforms to elevate the HubSpot experience and expand its functionality to meet diverse needs.

Effortless website updates: Integrate with WordPress to easily manage and update your website content without leaving HubSpot.

Targeted advertising: Connect with LinkedIn Ads to create and monitor highly targeted ad campaigns directly from HubSpot.


Of consumers are ready for integrations

Research shows that 71% of consumers are ready for integrated, ecosystem offerings to elevate their business.

Leverage a tribe of experts


Tailored solutions for every need

Customise HubSpot with marketplace apps that address specific business needs, from CRM enhancements to advanced marketing tools, ensuring your system evolves with your requirements.


Integrated data for comprehensive insights

Connect marketplace apps to HubSpot to consolidate data from various sources, providing a holistic view of your business performance and customer interactions.


Automated workflows for increased efficiency

Utilise marketplace apps to automate repetitive tasks and streamline complex workflows, freeing up your team to focus on strategic initiatives and collaboration.

Custom integrations

Building bespoke integrations to work for your business

Custom integrations tailor connections to your specific needs. Unlike standard integrations, custom integrations are uniquely developed to seamlessly connect HubSpot with the specific tools and platforms your business relies on.

Our custom integration solutions offer:

Optimised workflows: Tailor integrations to automate specific processes, reducing manual work and increasing efficiency.

Enhanced data management: Custom integrations enable precise data transfers and synchronisation, providing a comprehensive view of your operations.

Scalability: Adapt and scale your integrations as your business grows, ensuring continuous optimisation and performance.


Reduction in IT costs

Research from Accenture indicates that API integration can cut IT operational costs by as much as 30%

Make your systems work your way


Enhanced functionality using HubSpot APIs

Leverage HubSpot's robust APIs to build custom integrations that extend and enhance its functionality, allowing you to create tailored solutions that meet your specific business needs and improve overall system capabilities.


Advanced data synchronisation with internal systems

Create integrations that synchronise HubSpot with your proprietary databases or internal systems, ensuring real-time data accuracy and consistency across platforms.

Data-flow maps

Creating an illustrative map of our integrations allows for a visual understanding of how and why the process is working.


Our approach

We go beyond simply connecting platforms. Karman Digital crafts custom HubSpot integrations designed to unlock the full potential of your CRM.

We leverage our deep HubSpot expertise to understand your unique needs and strategically align your service, marketing, and sales teams within the HubSpot ecosystem. 

This ensures maximised ROI and unlocks the full potential of your CRM. Our team of experts then builds custom integrations that extend HubSpot's capabilities and creates future-proofed solutions that adapt alongside your business growth.

Clients thriving via our HubSpot integrations

A common integration

Our integrations expert Jaime Boardman walks through what a common integration project looks like at Karman Digital.

Full transparency and understanding of why the integration is happening and what are the benefits are key to a successful integration.

Their support and professionalism on this project was unmatched and they made the whole process as smooth and easy to manage as possible for a very small in-house marketing team.
Cat Cetnik
I’m really pleased with the way we all worked together and that the project was managed so well, launched on-time and the final website has exceeded expectations.
Estelle Marasigan
We had the pleasure of one of Karman Digital's Trainers coming out to our offices last week to give us training on HubSpot Sales and an overview of HubSpot Marketing. The whole team enjoyed the training sessions and came away very motivated at the potential HubSpot can bring to us.
Manoj Patel
The work Karman Digital has done has given us a new found confidence to recruit more franchisees for our business in the online space. They are HubSpot experts and are always happy to help. We'd highly recommend their services!
Lydia Jenkins
The Alternative Board
Exceeded our expectations. Their approach and attention to detail is exceptional, and we have therefore decided to extend our partnership with Karman Digital through further digital marketing support across our business.
Lisa Havdahl
Corndel College London
Karman Digital have done a great job. Our old website was on its knees and simply could not keep up. Karman Digital have made what could have been the tortuous process of design and content creation seem slick, quick and easy.
Adam Wilson
HubSpot is incredibly easy to use and the custom modules we had developed have made our lives as a marketing team much easier. Thank you and here's to phase 2!
Tamsin MacCormack
Synectics Solutions
Really strong direction on how we can integrate HubSpot into the heart of our sales and marketing experience. The team are passionate about how we can drive all our activity efficiently from a single platform. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending them.
T McGowan
Active Business Comms
Having worked with them on a number of projects I have been very impressed with the high standard of work produced every time. Excellent account management, attention to detail and responsiveness make them a pleasure to work with.
Alice De Courcy

Our work in this area


When MasterMover, a top manufacturer of electronic tugs, sought to elevate their CRM for improved sales and marketing efficiency, we rose to the challenge.

Allica Bank

Allica Bank adopted HubSpot as their primary CRM in pursuit of a scalable solution that enabled marketing automation and customer service functionalities, however, they quickly discovered certain limitations.


When MasterMover, a top manufacturer of electronic tugs, sought to elevate their CRM for improved sales and marketing efficiency, we rose to the challenge.

The Mission

Our mission was to enhance MasterMover’s sales, marketing and operational capabilities by harnessing the power of HubSpot.

The Project

We initiated a three-stage onboarding process to maximise MasterMover’s CRM potential and outline a comprehensive roadmap tailored to their needs.

The Result

Through our discovery process, we identified customisations and integrations required for a successful implementation.

Unified global business

By migrating over to HubSpot, MasterMover has built a centralised hub for all their data. Custom solutions were built to improve cross-country operations, integrating multi-language quote features, custom reporting with HubSpot’s APIs.

Allica Bank

Allica Bank adopted HubSpot as their primary CRM in pursuit of a scalable solution that enabled marketing automation and customer service functionalities, however, they quickly discovered certain limitations.

The Mission

Getting under the skin of the business, advising how to improve their usage of HubSpot and deliver a roadmap to where they want to be.

The Project

The core project centred HubSpot consultancy, designed to support better decision-making and more effective delivery of business activity.

The Result

Our HubSpot consultancy work enabled Allica Bank to effectively visualise their evolution and plan for the expansion of HubSpot across the business.

Unlocking success requires seamless collaboration

Through our close collaboration, Allica Bank was able to evolve HubSpot to be their source of truth for data and are now fully embedded and growing with the platform.


Understanding the purpose and function of HubSpot’s integrations are key to unlocking the full benefits across your business.

Feel free to book a meeting with our integrations specialist or get in touch with any queries.

Are there best practices for implementing HubSpot integrations?

Yes, consider the following best practices:

Reasoning: Ensure the integration adds value to your business.

Marketplace availability: Check if there is a plug-and-play solution to save time.

Start small: Build custom integrations to avoid unnecessary investments.

Ongoing maintenance: Plan for ongoing support to optimise your integrations.

Can HubSpot integrations support different industries?

Absolutely. HubSpot integrations serve a diverse range of clients across many industries such as financial services, cyber security, communications and payroll. 

They help centralise data, improve communications, and streamline core systems.

What are HubSpot integrations?

HubSpot integrations connect HubSpot's CRM system with other essential business tools you use, creating a seamless flow of data between different platforms. 

This helps eliminate manual data entry, reduce errors, and free up your team to focus on strategic initiatives.

How can integrating HubSpot with other platforms benefit my business?

Integrating HubSpot with other platforms can streamline processes, enhance productivity, and drive business growth by ensuring data flows seamlessly between your tools. 

This leads to more efficient operations, better communication, and a unified view of your customer journey.

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