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Anything you can do, API can do better

When it comes to creating APIs, the possibilities truly are endless. Because so many platforms have opened their API the development of integrations has skyrocketed. Now there seems to be an API for everything. 

In your everyday life, you are already using APIs. They are everywhere and it’s likely that you don’t even realise that’s what is happening. Any time that you see the Weather Snippet on Google or log in with Google/Facebook/LinkedIn/etc., you’re using an API. 

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If you use Twitter, you may also have seen the Thread Reader bot, which condenses complicated tweet threads into a single story. That’s an API too. Another commonly talked about API? Blockchain. Blockchain APIs have a wide array of functionality, but the most well-known is their use in cryptocurrency.  APIs are in all areas of life already and users definitely have a taste for them.

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API for B2B

Exploring your options around APIs should be a given at this point. They increase privacy and security, create third-party integrations, enhance flexibility and drive businesses to be more connected than ever. API is what makes modern businesses as robust and agile as they are.

By leveraging integration connections across your systems, you can power your business to achieve a much wider range of tasks on your software as you enhance its functionality. This is especially helpful as your business expands since your needs are bound to change.

Using API, you can connect all of your tech stack platforms together. If you’re connecting with HubSpot, integrations for some of the most widely used business tools already exist. For example:

  • Slack - The Slack integration is a digital workspace and communication tool that allows you to connect and talk with your team members.
  • Typeform - This integration helps you create and design web and mobile forms for your leads.
  • Mailchimp - The MailChimp integration allows you to sync HubSpot with your email service provider.
  • Databox - The Databox integration provides you with access to all of your analytics data in HubSpot from a wide variety of sources.

The weird and wonderful

Don’t let the day-to-day world of business limit your imagination either. API can be as unique and interesting as the people who use them. Some of the more entertaining examples we’ve come across are:

  • It’s This for That - This API generates entrepreneurial sounding buzzwords to describe startups. While you may not get your next great business idea out of it, it’s definitely good for a laugh and has potential for use in virtual team game nights. (Just hit refresh when you want a new one.)
  • Cat Ipsum - Tired of using Lorem Ipsum for all of your stand-in text? Cat Ipsum replaces all of the usual nonsense filler with cat-themed nonsense filler. Just to add a bit of a giggle into pre-copy designs.
  • NASA APIs - If you’re as interested in space as our Head of Development, you’ll be excited to know that NASA’s open API has led to a whole host of space-themed API options, from getting the Astronomical Picture of the Day to finding out the weather on Mars right now.

APIs are a regular part of life now and they clearly can create a range of new possibilities and connections. Embracing API within your business means clearing a path for better capability, better scalability and more impact. Take some of the ideas above as inspiration and start thinking about how API can help your business create a breakthrough.

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