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PodSpot #22 - Managing Integrations and API

In episode 22 of PodSpot, the unofficial UK HubSpot podcast, host Kerry Thompson talks to Jon Pittham, Managing Director at Karman Digital. Together they discuss managing integrations and API.

Kerry starts this conversation by asking Jon why integrations need managing. Jon shares that every business that is thriving digitally is working toward using them. However, a lack of longer-term thinking can lead to roadblocks further on. He likens integrations to roads and explains that API and roadways both need continual maintenance and management to ensure they are safe and performing well. 

He continues to say that management needs to be a part of the whole lifecycle from planning to reporting and improvement. It needs to be considered from the very start.

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Kerry goes on to ask Jon to give some insight into what good integrations management entails. He suggests that good management should include visibility of the performance of APIs. From there it can include visibility of security controls as well. Further, version control should be a part of this, as well as lifecycle management and frameworks for ongoing management and review. 

Next, Kerry turns the conversation to who needs to be involved in the management of integrations. Jon shares that this can vary greatly depending on both size and sector of the business. Some businesses that are larger or more technical are more likely to have dedicated integrations team or specialists while others may find themselves relying on the IT department. 

This can mean that finding a dedicated team member or external resource can be beneficial for those businesses. He also states that the integration users need to be involved because they have the most interaction with the APIs.

From there, they discuss some of the major pitfalls of ignoring integration management. Jon shares a client story in which implementation wasn’t followed up by management. That team eventually had to revert to manual processes after the API failed. This was especially problematic because there was no documentation about the creation of the initial integration.

The two then discuss the impact of the benefits of managing your integrations. Jon cites the idea of ‘the world of the possible.’ APIs have given businesses a way to connect things together in a way we never have before and managing them grants an unprecedented ability to scale.

As the episode begins to wind down, Kerry asks Jon to share his best advice for those just starting their integrations management journey. Jon suggests starting with an audit to understand where data is currently flowing and where it needs to go. He also reminds listeners that it’s really about mindset and thinking of management as truly fundamental to implementing integrations.

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Intro 0.00 - 0.54

  • Why do APIs and integrations need managing?
  • When does management need to start?
  • Frameworks for API management
  • What good API management looks like
  • Who should be involved in API and integrations management
  • What happens when integrations aren’t managed
  • The benefits of strong integrations management
  • The easiest way to start managing integrations
  • Tips for listeners about management

Outro - 26.15

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