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PodSpot #21 - API Basics and HubSpot

In episode 21 of PodSpot, the unofficial UK HubSpot podcast, host Kerry Thompson talks to Zack Wolfson, Senior Developer Advocate in Developer Relations at HubSpot. Together they discuss the API - what is it, how it can be used and what is next for HubSpot and API.

Kerry starts this conversation by asking Zack to explain just what APIs are and how they are different from integrations. They also delve into use cases where API has been especially beneficial and successful. Following that, Kerry and Zack talk about how API and integrations have changed the way we work - making companies more efficient and enabling them to work at the rapid pace of modern business. They also discuss the advancements made in personalisation and smart content which further accelerate the customer experience.

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Kerry goes on to ask Zack to give some insight into HubSpot’s thinking around APIs. Together, they explore how HubSpot decides what to work on next. Zack shares that the best way to get involved in how HubSpot develops integrations is to engage with their ideas forum. He says HubSpotters (HubSpot employees) are very active on it and always looking for ways to make those ideas work. Kerry and Zack also touch on what is on the horizon for HubSpot in terms of API and integrations.

Next, Kerry turns the conversation to businesses looking to begin using API. Kerry asks when organisations should start thinking about integrations and API. Laughing, Zack remarks ‘yesterday’ and then continues to explain that they are an integral part of creating a streamlined customer experience.

As the episode begins to wind down, Kerry asks Zack to share his best advice for those just starting their API journey. Zack reminds listeners not to be intimidated by API and to be unafraid to simply try things. He suggests tools like Postman and HubSpot’s test accounts to create a learning environment. He also says not to think of receiving error codes as a failure to understand API, but as part of the process of learning to understand.

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Intro 0.00 - 1.07

  • Introduction to Zack and his role
  • What does API mean?
  • The difference between API and integrations
  • Examples of successful API use cases
  • How integrations and API have changed the way we work
  • Advances in personalisation
  • How HubSpot decides what API to work on next
  • Insight into what is next for HubSpot and API
  • When should a business look at integrations?
  • What businesses need to know to ensure success
  • Zack’s best advice for getting started with API

Outro - 35.24

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