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HubSpot enters AI chatbot race, what it means for you

An interesting and out of the blue announcement appeared from HubSpot on Monday, as they launched 'ChatSpot' and 'Content Assistant', two new AI driven tools for the HubSpot CRM.

Both are built using OpenAI's 'ChatGPT' and 'DALL-E 2' and the first real application of OpenAI's tools we have seen within a CRM environment.

This opens the door to a new era and could change the way businesses engage with their CRM, their customer data and their operational processes across different business functions.

So, what are some specific use cases right now?

A marketer might use it to write a blog post, source an image, write the meta data and publish it on their website, all through the interface.

A sales person might ask it "What are my high priority deals to close this month?" and get a full list or report built for this query.

Operations may ask it to "create a new contact property called 'delivered' as a check box type" which it would then implement in the portal. 

I'm confident we will see this technology lead to more advanced areas of HubSpot in the future. It's going to make the system more accessible to less technical team members and it's going to make reporting and insights a lot easier to obtain. Eventually it could be likely that most CRM interactions will happen through the use of a chat interface like this. 

When will this be available to everyone?

It's hard to say right now because it's locked down to private access and it's in alpha stage of development.

However you can expect that later in the year, probably around the time of INBOUND 23 (September, 2023) HubSpot will be rolling this out.

More advanced features will likely be locked down into the pro and enterprise levels of HubSpot but it's pretty likely that the base 'ChatSpot' functionality will be free initially. 

We will be playing around with it over the next few weeks so watch this space.

You can sign up to the waiting list for ChatSpot and Content Assistant here.

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