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PodSpot #19 - Choosing the right HubSpot Agency with Jon Pittham

In episode 19 of PodSpot, the unofficial UK HubSpot podcast, we bring you a conversation between Kerry Thompson, PR & Digital Engagement Manager, and Jon Pittham, Managing Director of Karman Digital. Together they discuss what to look for when choosing a HubSpot Solutions Partner agency to work with.

Kerry and Jon start this conversation with an introduction to HubSpot Solutions Partners and what that means. They cover an overview of the Solutions Partner programme, the tiering structure of agencies and what makes them different from a regular digital agency.

From there they discuss how to start the search for the right agency. Jon points the way to specific resources that businesses can use to find a HubSpot agency that meets their needs. They also explore what considerations a business needs to keep in mind when looking for a partner that suits their team and way of working. Jon shares that one of the most common trigger points for organisations seeking help with HubSpot is from those who have the software, but struggle to get value out of it.

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Kerry goes on to ask what businesses can do ahead of initiating their search for the right HubSpot partner to ensure that they find a good match. Jon suggests that the most important part is about truly understanding what is causing the challenges they are facing and identifying what the most urgent need is.

Next, Kerry turns the conversation to budgets. She and Jon discuss both the importance of transparency between the business and agency regarding budget requirements and how businesses can find a quality partner without breaking the bank.

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As the episode begins to wind down, Kerry asks Jon to give listeners his best advice for finding the right agency to work with. Jon replies that the best thing a business can do is really dive deep into their needs and have a clear understanding of what they are looking for before starting their search.

If you’d like to learn more about HubSpot, do get in touch. We love talking everything HubSpot!

Intro 0.00 - 1.15

  • What is a HubSpot Solutions Partner agency?
  • What do the different partner tiers mean?
  • How to find an agency that meets your needs
  • Key considerations for business leaders
  • The most common reason businesses look for a new partner
  • How businesses can prepare before their search
  • How to find a quality partner within a budget
  • Jon’s best advice for businesses looking for a Solutions Partner

Outro - 29.05

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