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PodSpot #40 - HubSpot's Siobhan Brady on User Management & Scalability

In episode 40 of PodSpot, the UK's only HubSpot themed podcast, host Ian Townshend is joined by HubSpot Senior Customer Onboarding Specialist, Siobhan Brady. 

The pair sit down for 30 minutes, discussing everything there is to discuss around information and user management when onboarding HubSpot. 

What are the best practices to ensure safe user management? What are the biggest challenges in relationship to security? How can businesses avoid the most common onboarding mistakes?

All is revealed in another great PodSpot episode. 



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So what does Siobhan's role actually entail? Ian was curious and this is where the conversation began.

As mentioned earlier, Siobhan is a Senior Customer Onboarding Specialist at HubSpot. In the most simple sense this involves strategically guiding mid-to-enterprise level businesses to a successful onboard experience. 

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What are some of the general challenges a scaling business comes across, in terms of user management?

For Siobhan there are a few things that pop to mind. Firstly, businesses must ensure that there is alignment when it comes to user access. This means making sure that super-admin access is consistent across every hub to ensure the free flow of usability amongst staff.

Another challenge is change for the general user. It is vitally important that information around data, and user security and management, is decimated to the right people when onboarding onto HubSpot. Scaling businesses need to ensure that they are telling the right people about new changes to their CRM experience; new information should never be limited to just the single point of contact.

This is just the start of what was a great conversation. Listen here and learn more about the integral planning process before onboarding, the role of integrations, automation capabilities and security management. 

Intro - 0:00 

  • 01:09: What does a Senior Customer Onboard Specialist do? 
  • 02:57: User management challenges
  • 06:36: Good user management  
  • 10:50: The full picture
  • 12:15: Automation & data security
  • 14:00: Responsibility and ownership
  • 16:15: Questions and discovery
  • 21:10: Finding balance
  • 22:55: Data & information security
  • 24:45: Integrations and security

Outro - 30:01

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