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PodSpot #9 - Workplace wellbeing with Seán Reid

In episode nine of PodSpot, the unofficial UK HubSpot podcast, SJ Hood, Content Specialist at Karman Digital, talks with Seán Reid, Customer Success Manager at HubSpot. Together they explore mindfulness, stigma and mental health in the workplace.

Seán starts with his own experiences navigating the world of mental health and his journey to becoming involved with breaking down the stigma around it. Through his personal journey, he realised that, while 1 in 4 people struggle with mental illness, everyone has mental health. Much like physical health, it’s something that you need to work at to maintain.

During his time publicly speaking about mental health, Seán has become well-acquainted with the practice of mindfulness and often leads training around it. He upholds mindfulness as one of the best ways to take care of your mental health and shares some of his tips for getting started. Seán also reminds us that mindfulness is a great starting point as it is free and easily accessible.

As Seán and SJ dig into the matter of mental health in the workplace, he reveals statistics that show how vital a wellbeing-focused culture is for attracting and retaining staff. Seán also shares his tips for initiating conversations around mental health and ensuring that it is part of company culture.

Finally, Seán and SJ discuss what teams can do at work (or at the home office) to support mindfulness and mental health in the business.

If you’d like to contribute to supporting mental health and removing the stigma around it, donate to Mind: the mental health charity through the team JustGiving page.


Intro 0.00 - 0.50

  • 1.01 - How Seán started focusing on mental health
  • 4.10 - Realising that everyone has mental health
  • 4.50 - What is mindfulness?
  • 7.54 - The usual response to the mindfulness conversation
  • 9.16 - How to recognise when you need more help
  • 11.01 - Knowing it’s ok to seek help
  • 12.43 - How to start removing the stigma around mental health in the workplace
  • 16.07 - Tips for taking the first step if you are struggling
  • 19.17 - Is a company’s mental health policy worth resigning over?
  • 21.15 - Making inclusivity a part of your culture
  • 23.10 - Supporting mindfulness and mental health in the workplace

Outro 27.34 - 28.24

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