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PodSpot #25 - Operations Hub

In episode 25 of PodSpot, the unofficial UK HubSpot podcast, host Kerry Thompson talks to Ari Plaut, Principal Product Marketing Manager at HubSpot. Together they discuss HubSpot’s newest product: Operations Hub. The duo cover everything from what sparked the idea for the new hub to where it’s going next.

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Kerry kicks off this conversation by asking Ari to introduce himself and tell listeners a little bit about both his role at HubSpot and Operations Hub. He shares that the new suite of tools can be considered ‘lubrication for the flywheel,’ or what makes all of the other teams and hubs move smoothly.

Ari also offers a quick look at the three primary features of Operations Hub: data sync, programmable automation and data quality automation. The goal of these tools is to make unified operations teams into business heroes and enable better scalability.

‘As businesses scale, the tools pile up, processes become more clunky, there’s more red tape.’

Listen in to learn more about Operations Hub, RevOps and how to harness the power of HubSpot to grow better.

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Intro 0.00 - 1.06

  • Introduction to Ari
  • Operations Hub overview
  • Exploring RevOps
  • Why Operations Teams need better tools
  • How to do RevOps without an Operations team
  • Where the decision to launch Operations Hub came from
  • The way Operations Hub fits within HubSpot as a CRM platform
  • How partners can better help customers with Operations Hub
  • Ari’s favourite Operations Hub tool
  • The future of Operations Hub

Outro - 32.34

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