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Introducing: Operations Hub

Operations Hub is the latest product from HubSpot. Creating to refine your business and increasing scalability easier ensures a single source of truth for your company and unites teams through data and processes.

Designed for more than just operations teams, the new hub is geared toward solving common challenges for growing organisations, such as messy data, clunky processes and disconnected tools. It enables a dedicated RevOps (revenue operations) strategy to unify your operations with automation and data management.

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What is Operations Hub?

Operations Hub was born from the operational challenges HubSpot has seen customers face repeatedly to create a better solution for scaling businesses. It consists of three core features: data sync, programmable automation and data quality automation.

Data sync

Data sync is a new way to connect apps to HubSpot and complete two-way sync. This enables you to keep all of your customer records in the HubSpot CRM in perfect sync with all of your other business programs. Your tech stack will always be up to date and consistent, simplifying the management of your single source of truth and ensuring greater data integrity. 

Data syncs can also align both future and historical data, saving you the time and energy of organising, exporting and transferring historical data when a new application is used. In addition to that, these syncs happen in real-time, not requiring a trigger event to pass information.

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Programmable automation

Programmable automation empowers users to execute code directly within the HubSpot workflows tool. Though HubSpot’s automation tools have always been powerful, they are now more flexible and customisable than ever. Comprising three different pieces of functionality, those with Operations Hub will have access to custom code action and webhooks in workflows and custom code actions in bots.

This new approach to automation means that the solutions available to you are no longer limited by technical capability and can become anything your business needs. You could use this tool to create more complex, bespoke lead scoring, pull in third-party data to enrich and cross-reference your information or automate a process that was previously manual like your renewal process.

The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination.

Data quality automation

There’s a form on your site with high conversion rates and now your contact list is expanding rapidly. You’re really excited- at first. Then you realise that the data was all entered manually and in a vast variety of formats. It’s going to take ages to sort that out.

Well, before Operations Hub it would have anyway. The data quality automation tool in HubSpot’s newest hub is a way to simply and conveniently turn messy, unusable data into clean, functioning data without all of the manual time cost.

HubSpot’s data quality automation enables you to capture data and automatically clean it with workflows. These can be used to adjust field formatting like phone numbers or dates, capitalise letters and more. When used in conjunction with data syncing, it cleans data held on HubSpot and updates the information on platforms you have connected through the sync. This keeps all of your data accurate, clean and more easily utilised.

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If you find that operational challenges and friction are slowing down your business’ growth, exploring Operations Hub could be the next step in its digital transformation. Custom automations, two way syncing and effective data cleansing can all help overcome those struggles and speed your way toward effective RevOps.

Ready to take Operations Hub for a spin? Get in touch to see how we can implement HubSpot to transform your business.

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