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Social Media Aesthetic - why it’s not just about looking good

These days, if you scroll through virtually any website or social media profile, you’ll find an abundance of aesthetic, sleek imagery. In modern social media marketing, looks matter more than ever and it’s not surprising that companies are producing more simplistic images to catch people’s eye in an already crowded digital space.

It’s true, people really do eat with their eyes – that’s where the importance of a strong aesthetic comes in. However, it’s not just about looking good. Your content also needs to be relevant and answer your customers needs.

Substance over style

The impact social media has had on aesthetics within all industries is significant and if users deem something to be visually appealing, it’s rewarded with the ‘instagrammable’ label. While your aesthetic allows you to connect and engage with consumers, follow the latest trends and advertise and strengthen your brand, it’s important that it’s not the only factor you consider when it comes to your content strategy.

Always think strategically before investing all your time and efforts into all social media platforms. Embrace the ones that fit your business model and target demographic. Always remember to educate your consumers, respond quickly, encourage customer reviews and be creative but professional.


Consistent, engaging, and high-quality content impacts the audience more than any other technique, and brand messaging is one of the significant factors to determine the growth and success of any business. 

Brand Aesthetic

A brand aesthetic refers to the visual appearance of your content. The way it looks helps to establish a mood, tone, or style and demonstrates your culture and personality. Your aesthetic also acts as a way of aligning your social channels and creating consistency, which according to Lucidpress can increase revenue by 23 percent. 

If your company has a set of brand guidelines, chances are you have a set colour palette and font for use in all your designs and artwork. However, less than 10 percent of businesses consider their brand representation very consistent. Having a strong colour palette sets you up for creating unique and recognisable designs using your combination of colours in a plethora of ways.

Images and Visuals

It’s been widely proven that using visuals on social media or websites boosts visitor engagement and retention. Whether it’s a photo, a graphic, an animation, a video, or a gif, having something for people to engage with stops them from scrolling and makes them want to know more.

When it comes to your aesthetic, it’s important to understand what images best reflect your business ethos. You may love gifs of cats, but do your target audience? Link it back to how you want to project your impression to prospects..

Social Identity

Remember, only you have your branding and the depth of understanding of exactly what you offer.

Make the most out of your aesthetic designs and visuals to show customers a true representation of your brand. Vary your visuals and keep things fresh. If you’re selling a product, show examples of your current work or sneak peeks of products. If it’s a service, get some video clips of the service in progress; you can put these out as they are or turn them into gifs for easier internet access.

When people see the level of effort and care that’s gone into making something look amazing, it builds a sense of trust. You’re demonstrating how much effort you can provide to them and that they can be sure they’re in for an excellent customer experience.

Maintaining a consistent brand identity on social media can be challenging. However, establishing a brand aesthetic helps keep your social media channels aligned and, in turn, creates a stronger presence.


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