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PodSpot #20 - The HubSpot CRM Roadmap

In episode 20 of PodSpot, the unofficial UK HubSpot podcast, host, Kerry Thompson, brings you a conversation between Jon Pittham, Managing Director of Karman Digital, and Caleb Buscher, Channel Account Manager at HubSpot. Together they discuss the HubSpot CRM - how it came to be what it is today and where it is headed.

Kerry starts this conversation by asking our guests to clarify just what a CRM is and how that has changed over the years. Caleb explains the acronym stands for Customer Relationship Manager and that it is akin to the evolution of a Rolodex. However, these days, a CRM doesn’t just contain information that is useful for sales teams, but for the wider business as well. Jon echoes that sentiment, calling it the backbone of business capabilities.

From there they discuss HubSpot’s change in positioning from growth platform to CRM platform and the role that integrations play in making it an essential part of business. Both Caleb and Jon share their excitement about the direction in which HubSpot is moving. Caleb is interested in how it means ‘solving the most business use cases with the least amount of tech.’ Jon, meanwhile, focuses on how well HubSpot integrates with other software, even sector-specific tools, and the new life it can bring to the data from them.

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Kerry goes on to ask Caleb and Jon to reflect on how the pandemic has affected the need for more rapid digital transformation and elevated customer experience. Jon cites a recent article that claims digital transformation accelerated five years in two months last year. Caleb considers the way that working from home has meant that our experiences as consumers has more greatly influenced experiences as employees.

Next, Kerry turns the conversation to the future. Caleb and Jon discuss the most exciting things they see on the horizon for the HubSpot CRM roadmap. Both look forward to seeing how HubSpot will continue to solve a broader number of business challenges and how integrations with the CRM will play a role in that. Caleb shares a HubSpot tagline that he feels is particularly effective: ‘Always easy to use. Now deeply powerful.’

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As the episode begins to wind down, Kerry asks Jon how these advancements in digital transformation and HubSpot’s capabilities impacted the creation of Karman Digital. He responds that it was a direct result of the needs we’ve seen from customers and the increased ability to solve for them. 

Kerry also asks Caleb to share how the goals of other partners have shifted in response to this time. He replies that most have felt the need for change, but not all have adapted as readily as Karman.

If you’d like to learn more about HubSpot or digital transformation, get in touch. We’re ready to help you unleash the potential of digital in your organisation.


Intro 0.00 - 1.32

  • What is a CRM?
  • How has the concept of a CRM changed over the years?
  • Why has HubSpot moved from growth to CRM?
  • How important are integrations to the development of the CRM?
  • How the pandemic has affected customer expectations
  • What HubSpot does to support changing customer needs
  • Exciting updates in the CRM roadmap
  • What users should be aware of with the CRM changes
  • Hiring tips for a CRM specialist
  • How these changes brought Karman Digital to life
  • How the wider partner community has responded 

Outro - 31.13

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