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Why your business should harness low and no-code technology for integrations

'Time is money'...a truism as much as it is a cliché. Especially in the world of web development where projects often run over their time allocation and use up disproportionate resources.

It is no wonder that companies have started to look towards no-code and low-code solutions, rather than relying on developers to carry out processes in traditional and timely long-code form. 

No-code and low-code development does exactly what it says on the pixilated tin. Users can build out their websites, apps, integrations and more using structured formats and drag and drop functions. This is done writing very little code, or no code at all! Saving your business time in the short run and cash for the long game. 

 The advantages of using no-code and low-code technology to build a CMS out or an app is something that is often talked of a lot. Using the technology for your business integrations however is a path less trodden on. 

That's why in this weeks blog we've decided to give you 3 reasons why you should be using no-code and low-code technologies for your integration processes.  

Create custom workflows 

Many no and low-code builders allow you to create custom workflows using the technology. Creating a custom workflow offers flexibility, functionality reuse, generates optional user involvement and ultimately ensures that your most important processes are completed the right way.

Create a  breakdown of individual tasks and ownership or even create a centralised message board for your company, the possibilities are endless.

It is usually a pain in the backside for developers, but no more! Reap all the rewards of the workflow in a fraction of the time. 

Synchronize data between two systems

Karman Digital are no stranger to low and no-code technology. When clients come to us with data sets on separate platforms that need to be synced, we head straight to n8n.

N8n is a no and low-code platform that serves a range of development demands with a fraction of the code. Better yet it is actually free to use. 

Forget about getting caught up in API docs and troubleshooting CORS errors. N8n is a platform that enables creators to facilitate seamless data interaction and synchronisation, whether that's syncing data between two google sheets, or syncing data between other, more complex and independent platforms.

We recently synced HubSpot CRM data to a clients data audit platform, now the client can streamline data analysis and doesn't have to worry about internal data confusion, and whilst it did require a member of our development team to handle, it saved us plenty of time as the developer was able to carry out the job using limited coding. 

Empower your staff 

Perhaps the most obvious reason to use no and low-code integration technology  is that it will empower your staff.

No-code implementation doesn't even require anyone who's tech savvy, rather just someone keen to learn. Many no-code platforms offer fact packed blogs alongside their products, with detailed step by step articles on how newbies can start building on their no-code knowledge. Staff can build personalised workflows to suite them, as long as they use no-code they won't have to rely on a developer. 

Even when it comes to the low code side of things, the time it has saved some of our developers compared to traditional forms of coding is unbelievable and has meant that our dev team has been able to distribute their valuable time in other, more pressing areas. 





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