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Our Work: Juro

A team in need of
freedom to focus

As a LawTech company, Juro has its own talented web development team. However, the priorities for this team are focused on the contract management software itself.

Their site was already a beautiful one, custom designed and sitting flat on AWS. Being users of HubSpot already, Juro had options for adding pages onto a subdomain as and when necessary, but the challenge was one of resourcing. The Juro developers needed to focus their time on developing Juro products and software, rather than creating marketing content.

With little room for mistakes to be made in the early stages of an organisation, the needs of the marketing team had to be met. This was especially true for Juro, with most of their lead generation coming from content and inbound leads.

Providing a framework for future success

Having previously worked with Juro as part of a design-forward rebranding exercise, we continued employing our HubSpot expertise to create a collection of attractive and effective landing pages.

This allowed the Juro developers to keep their attention firmly on building Juro’s offering of products. These landing pages were made to be reusable, and the Juro team has happily, and with ease, used them as templates since their initial creation.

“The work you give us is self-serve and modular[…] The pages are intuitive enough that I can reproduce them without really knowing what I’m doing [with web development].’
- Tom Bangay, Director of Content


Exceptionally high conversion and peace of mind

The landing pages we created for Juro have been especially high performing:

  • Conversion rates reaching over 50%
  • Juro's oldest landing page converting to leads at a rate of 25%, without any continued supporting collateral