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What can businesses expect from social media in 2023?

Twitter has a new owner, Tiktok has surpassed 1 billion users and Youtube has deleted their infamous dislike counter. 

The last year has been quite a ride in terms of social media. But with new technology, Zuckerberg standing firm on his Metaverse dream and the sustained popularity of video content, there is every reason to believe 2023 will be as monumental as the year just gone. 

How will these trends actually manifest and what can businesses expect? Our social media specialist Alex Bradshaw gives us the lowdown. 

Avatars & the Metaverse

If you’re not familiar with the Metaverse just yet, now is the time to study! Unlike the internet, the Metaverse enables users to travel through a virtual world that mimics aspects of the physical world, using technologies such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI), social media and digital currency. The internet is something that we can ‘browse’, whereas the Metaverse is somewhere we can almost ‘live’. But how does this fit in with Avatars?

Facebook owner Meta wants the world to get excited over the Metaverse and they are trying to achieve this by integrating digital avatars into more places on the platform. 2023 may see additional opportunities for sponsored items that avatars can obtain too, such as themed costumes and new ways to connect within the digital space.

It is expected that Meta will start promoting avatars as a key way to engage with others on Facebook in 2023, using our digital identities in video chats, posts, status updates, and on the Metaverse itself!  Throughout 2022, Meta highlighted key opportunities for avatars in the digital workplace, with Avatars serving as your digital identity in remote work meetings. We can expect this to continue in 2023 too! 

Augmented reality 

Remember when a pair of specs could transform your viewing experience into the third-dimension? Well, queue the return of 3D glasses… sort of. 

With many people already using the Metaverse, Meta is set to boost awareness around it's newest development - AR glasses and posts. 

This new tech adoption in social media will provide a range of exciting functionalities and in-app experiences, rumoured to launch for consumers in the second half of 2023.

As announced by The Verge, Meta is currently developing its initial AR glasses product called ‘Project Nazare’, which will work independently from a mobile phone, and use wrist controls to navigate the various functions. Meta is also developing a lower cost variation, called ‘Hypernova’, that is tethered to a mobile device.

Meta has been working on EMG (Electromyography) technology for some time now so it’s not a surprise to see them looking to utilise it for controlling AR peripherals, however being able to get in early and own this space would be a big boost for its broader Metaverse plans. As a business owner creating a 2023 social strategy, keep an eye out for more AR tools on Facebook and Instagram, as the platforms look to get more creators and brands engaged in 3D object creation.

Data insights to help guide jobseekers

LinkedIn has seen record levels of engagement in 2022 with users posting more and more non-professional posts and updates. Regardless of the content avenue individuals decide to take, LinkedIn is keen to continue growing and is set to provide more data to those using the platform. 

LinkedIn owns the largest database of professional and career insights ever created, and it’s slowly finding more ways to use this to help people maximise their opportunities. It is expected that this will continue into 2023, with LinkedIn providing more information on what people should do to achieve their dream job and signposting users to LinkedIn Learning to obtain the skills required to improve their chances of success.

It is predicted that LinkedIn will be able to ultimately map out users’ entire careers, from school achievements to professional progression. This may be done by analysing what other users with similar skills and interests have achieved. Although not set in stone, LinkedIn is set to continue providing professional guidance and support for users in 2023, helping them move into the roles they desire.

Nano influencer marketing growth

When we talk about influencer marketing most people race to the idea of the Kardashian’s promoting makeup products - and they’re not wrong. 

But there’s much more to this trending strategy.

Customers of today are highly self-aware, and users want to engage with brands and Influencers that bring authenticity and trust to the marketing mix. Therefore, business owners need to ensure their social media strategy isn’t a game of likes, but has a real focus on being ‘community-led’. 

Nano-Influencers are users with 1-5k followers who bring value and a personal touch to a brand. They embody the brand’s tone, voice and values whilst remaining relatable to their audience. Their engagement levels are often much higher than traditional Macro/Mega Influencers, this provides greater value to businesses with lower expenses. It is predicted that the rise of Nano-Influencer marketing will continue to grow in 2023 as the influencer space becomes more crowded and businesses refuse to pay increased fees for exposure. 

The continued domination of video content

According to YouTube, users are watching an incredible 1 billion hours of content daily. That’s impressive, but what’s even more impressive is that a large percentage of YouTube watch time is consumer-generated. 

Over recent years and certainly in 2022, more and more social networks have harnessed the power of video and YouTube is continuing to compete against platforms like Facebook Live, Vimeo, Instagram, TikTok and many other platforms. But what does this mean for your social strategy next year?

It means there’s more potential than ever for businesses to distinguish themselves through video content across a variety of channels, and with short-form video content still booming, a visual content strategy is an absolute must!

Spaces to lookout for in 2023 for short-form video content include YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, TikTok, Pinterest Idea Pins and Google Web Stories. Start with a deep dive into your audience behaviour and get strategising!

And finally...

If you’d like to learn more about social media or digital transformation, get in touch. We’re ready to help you unleash the potential of digital in your organisation.


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