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Our Work: The Insurance Surgery

Making outdated CRMs a thing of the past

The Insurance Surgery had been struggling with their legacy CRM for some time. It was clunky, had an unfriendly user interface, no marketing or sales tools, no possibilities for automation and very few integration possibilities. As a firm set to continue scaling, the need for a more modern, effective and functional CRM was clear.

HubSpot was the right platform to achieve their goals, so we set out to facilitate a successful onboarding process. We agreed a sympathetic and realistic timetable to minimise any impact implementing the change may have had on the business, and the rest is history.

Modern challenges require modern solutions

Needing to act quickly, we worked with The Insurance Surgery team to understand and implement the sales process that they’d mapped out.

Beginning with the initial onboarding process, we set up the technical side of the platform, transferred all of the company’s data and custom properties and built communications assets and automation workflows. Many of the automated processes were task-reliant and required tailored solutions to make them more effective.

After the portal had been created and set up, the next phase was dedicated to ensuring The Insurance Surgery would have the necessary tools to utilise the HubSpot CRM to its fullest potential. In addition to setting up real-time custom reports and dashboards to better track sales, leads and productivity, we put together a programme of training for the sales and director level teams.

“The training was fantastic and very comprehensive.
They make a real point of giving us the tools to do our
own reports and set up workflows.”
- Tom Horton, Managing Director


Laying foundations for a fruitful future

The Insurance Surgery invested heavily in both technology and people last year, which means they are now looking forward to discovering how those investments will impact future growth.

The coming months will see them create a benchmark with their current operations before deciding what future steps they want to take.

Whichever path forward shows itself to be the right one,
the future looks bright.